LondonFuse works to promote arts, culture, and community in London, ON (and beyond) every day.

So, why should you donate to LondonFuse? Well, your donation, in any amount, will help us fulfill our mission and continue telling the past, present, and future stories of this great city.

Along with that, we’re very lucky to have built an organization in which a team of dedicated, talented volunteer Contributors donate their time and energy to making and Short Fuse the publications London needs. Without them, we couldn’t do what we do, and there are no words that can truly ever express our gratitude.

That being said, what we give in return is a platform. Not simply the literal platform that is a publication, but a platform to hone their skills, gain experience, make new social connections, and most importantly, to express themselves.

Who are these contributors?

Over the nine years of LondonFuse’s life, we’ve helped hundreds of people (of all ages, from 16-65 years old!) do what they love and through their passion, the staff and board members of this organization are able to express our own.

What is our passion exactly? Yes, it’s about building the London community, promoting all things local, and helping people fall in love with their city. But, what we’re most passionate about is seeing people engage, grow, embrace their talents, develop new ones, and most of all, exude genuine pride in what they’ve accomplished.

Emily and Andy LondonFuse 2017 copy
Two of our longtime Contributors, Emily Stewart and Andy Scott, laughin’ it up at the Short Fuse 1 Year Anniversary Party in 2017. Photo by another amazing Contributor, Jason Plant

When someone volunteers with LondonFuse, they begin a journey that helps them truly express their individuality, skills (either untapped or existing), and become a vocal, contributing member of their community. They are then able to help other local businesses, musicians, artists, organizations, and events grow through promotion in a publication that celebrates a true love for the local. At this point, the cycle that is LondonFuse comes full circle and those who are giving are also getting back.

The amazing Sammy Roach, giving her all at the Bad Art Festival II in April 2018. Photo by Nicki Borland

Currently, we have 20 active Contributors who amaze us every day with their developments in writing, photography, video, design, illustration and so much more. Some contributors have been with us now for several years while others are just getting started. LondonFuse has always had a familial feel so we couldn’t be happier that our Contributors, board members, partners, and community can share in it.

Back to, “why should you donate to LondonFuse”?

Your donation will go towards every aspect of what we do on a day to day basis. This includes:

  • Training the next generation of media professionals. Helping them to develop skills and confidence, join new social circles, as well as find employment in their chosen fields.
  • Help us to put on 4+ large events per year which promote all things local and make the arts increasingly more accessible for different communities.
  • Helps us give workshops in which highly seasoned professionals speak to both Contributors and community members.
  • Gives us the ability to enhance our publications both online and in print.
  • Help us maintain the most recent equipment and software to administer our program.
  • You can help us grow. You already have by caring about and embracing LondonFuse and now can contribute in a different way by adding to the means required to administer our programs, train our volunteers, and build our community.
Emily, Sammy, Oshi BrunchFest 2018
Some of the lovely people who made Brunchfest possible, our contributors Emily Stewart, Sammy Roach and Oshi Rathnayake in June 2017. Photo by Nicki Borland

In terms of London as a whole, your donation means:

  • Helping an independent, alternative media source continue its operations and in so doing, tell London’s unique story.
  • Help the arts, culture, business, and music scene thrive through promotion.
  • Help London maintain its place as a creative city through progressive and innovative events.
  • Help us not only attract but retain the young talent who can continue to work, live, and play in London through effective training, valuable experience, and new social contacts.
  • Help us celebrate this city and see an increasing number of people view it in a positive light, both from inside and outside London.

How can you donate to LondonFuse?


Check out our donate page here and donate simply and securely online through PayPal.


You can send a cheque via mail made out to LondonFuse New Media Collective at:

24 Bathurst Street (upper)
London, ON
N6B 1N7


We’re happy to have you stop by our office, we’d be happy to come pick your donation personally, or you can come see us at one of the many events we either participate in or host. Feel free to send us an email ( for a schedule of upcoming events or stay tuned to Facebook because we’re always adding new and exciting ventures!

Thank you!

We want to thank you for your time, energy, and donation. Whether it’s a monetary one, whether it was in the past or you were prompted right now, or whether it was simply the moment you took to read this post… THANK YOU!

Attendees Page To Stage LondonFuse Feb 2018
Let’s all dance and be merry! Attendees having a whale of a time at Page to Stage in February 2017. Photo by the very talented Ed Phin

We’ve put together a lovely little video series in which one video will be released each day over the next few weeks featuring someone involved with LondonFuse sharing their stories. From staff to Contributors, to board members and community members, we’ve garnered some seriously wonderful stories and may have had just a few tears. We hope you enjoy hearing these stories as much as we’ve absolutely loved being a part of making them a reality.

If you have any questions, comments, or would simply like to chat, please reach out to Nicole Borland (Executive Director) at and we can set up a time to chat over the phone or in person.

We look very forward to hearing from you and, as always, London, THANK YOU for helping to make this crazy, beautiful thing called LondonFuse what it is.

Feature photo of the community enjoying a showcase of local music at Page to Stage, February 2018 by Ed Phin


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