If you’re still invested in the World Cup, and whatever two teams themselves are in the final on Saturday, here are the places you can watch and cheer. I guess.

Or don’t. It’s not like you’d be missing anything now that we won’t be seeing Coach Gareth Southgate’s waistcoats or Sterling’s playful footwork.

Ever since England got the boot, and not the golden one, I’ve been mulling over why people still possibly care. I don’t. In fact, I stopped a while ago. The world began to grow cold for me after Iniesta announced his international retirement.

Gone are the classic favourites like Germany, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Belgium, and Brazil. Even Netherlands and Italy played hooky this time. All we have left now are the bridesmaids to carry out the pageantry.

There’s not even an underdog story to bandwagon for – both France and Croatia are historically not that bad. Both are familiar teams that make their appearances at World and Euro Cups, wave to the crowds in the group stage and quarters, then graciously exit as Hummels dutifully nods the ball into the keep. Not the case this time. This time we’re in upside-down world of Trump’s America, oops I mean Moscow.

The world is crazy, here are the best places to witness it on Saturday, starting at 10am.

Marienbad Restaurant/ Chaucer’s Pub

122 Carling St.

Chaucer’s. Photo by Jen Hillhouse.

Marienbad and Chaucer’s have been screening all the world cup games inside the restaurant on a massive projector. They boast a wide menu selection of delicious European food, and beers from all over the world.

So if you want a Kronenburg while you watch, or maybe a Fuller’s London Pride because you’re still not quite over Wednesday’s defeat, you have your pick of the litter.

Scot’s Corner

268 Dundas St.

The Scott’s Corner. Photo via Facebook / @TheScotsCorner.

This tight-knit pub was filled to the brim yesterday with English fans, and tomorrow they’ll be open again after mopping up all those Brit tears.

Scot’s has great British and Scottish pub-style food fanfare which features delicious wings, deep fried pickles, and a selection of meat pies.

They have lots of UK brews too, just saying. Oh, and a medium lager from France.

Joe Kool’s

595 Richmond St.

If there’s a game, Joe Kool’s is showing it.

May I recommend their vegetarian lettuce wraps as the perfect snack to put in your face to prevent you from screaming externally as your favourite team misses a PK? Their amazing mac n cheese works equally as well for that. I find melted cheese is typically a good sound buffer.

Go for the soccer, stay because you can’t stop ordering all their food.

London and St. Thomas Croatia Club

1994 Westminster Dr.

All the excitement at the Club! Photo via Facebook / @LondonStThomasCroatiaSoccerClub

There’s no better place to watch a world cup finalist than a soccer club of that country.

The sports centre will be screening the final live, so if you really want to get into that fan energy and have a great world cup experience, then this is the place to go.

The Church Key Bistro-Pub

476 Richmond St.

Church Key Fans. Photo Courtesy of The Church Key Facebook.

It doesn’t get more French than a “bistro,” which roughly translates to “good place to cry if you’re an English fan.”

They’ll be live streaming the game, and have all the beers you need here to get through those 90+ minutes.

I recommend the smoked mushroom and parmesan dip that comes with a toasted baguette. I can’t think of a better way to show your national pride than dipping French bread in melted parm.

Where will you be and who will you be cheering for, London?

Featured image via Facebook / @FifaWorld Cup2018 


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