This is the first in a series of “Culture-Hunting” articles by LondonFuse. Think of this as a Where to Invade Next? for London!

London is becoming a hub of diversity, bustling with a variety of cultures from all corners of the world. But just how many countries can you find in London? And, more importantly what they taste like!

LondonFuse set out to discover how many countries you can explore without stepping foot out of our beloved Forest City. We started our trip across the ocean to unleash the tasty European delights you can find in London.

1. Italy: La Casa Ristorante

Our first stop on this European tour are the rolling hills of Italy in La Casa Ristorante. Right at the heart of downtown London, you’ll find a lovely authentic Italian spot. Impress your tinder date by showing them just how classy you are; share some fresh pasta and finish it off with a fancy tiramisu – the night is yours.

We recommend: the infamous Caesar salad.

Location: 117 King Street across from the Covent Garden Market

2. Greek: Icarus Resto Bar

When chicken, wine and pasta just get each other.

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Hidden along the Richmond strip, you’ll find a rustic sign that stands out from the crowd with its modern design. Icarus Resto Bar is a mediterranean fusion restaurant, featuring an open kitchen design, which will satiate the voyeur in us all. You’ll get to see heart throb head chef, Jack Agathos, serving up some delicious Greek dishes….seriously he puts the “fine” in fine dining  

We recommend: Lamb Shepherd’s Pie

Location: 519 Richmond St, London, Ontario

3. France: Petit Paris Bakery

 Oh la la…le fromage… tres bien..

The French-speaking novice to the Parisian elite can appreciate this gem in the convent garden market. Munch on some sweet macarons, savoury crepes, and marvel at all the beautiful cakes that are almost too pretty to eat. Almost. Take a quick lunch break along the Seine while tasting their delicious treats.

We recommend: Black currant macarons and the mac n’ cheese

Location: 130 King St, London, Ontario in the Covent Garden Market

4. England: Waltzing Weasel

Stopped by the Weasel for a pint and a stuffed toad.

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Brits (to us Canadians) are thought of as polite, weird, and prone to some pretty funky cuisine. If you’re in the mood…

Check out this family favourite North on Adelaide Rd. Imagine a warm, woodsy atmosphere without the mosquitoes but lots of beer. With hearty and authentic British cuisine, this place will please any real Brit who is looking for a little piece of home.

We recommend: Deep fried mars bar and a pint

Location: 1324 Adelaide Street North

5. Hungary: Budapest Dining Room & Tavern 

Excellent #hungarian #food #foodporn

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Budapest is one of the oldest London restaurants still operating out of its original location. Marika, the owner has been running it for 59 years! And she’s hilarious. She’ll have her staff serve you authentic dishes while she dishes out sex tips. No joke.

Another bonus: The whimsy decor makes you feel like an extra from the Wes Anderson film, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

We recommend: Weiner Schnitzel

Location: 348 Dundas St

6. Germany: Marienbad/Chaucer’s Pub

This German spot is located in a building that dates back to 1854. The authentic German dishes will please any carnivore with plates piled tall with only sausage and includes an impressive selection of beer to boot!

We recommend: Marienbad platter

Location: 122 Carling St

7. Poland: Helen’s Fast Food & Cabbage Store

What’s better than your Polish Grandma’s cooking? Stretch your imagination if you aren’t Polish.

Luckily for Londoner’s, Helen’s Fast Food staff will treat you like family, serving you some delicious Polish dishes that will warm the soul. She is the sweetest lady and you won’t be able to get enough of her cooking. She will fatten you up–like Grandmas always do.

We Recommend: Helen’s Polish sausage

Location: 1830 Wharncliffe Rd S (just north of Lambeth)

8. Portugal: Nova Era Bakery

My love for these knows no bounds 💘 #novaera #ldnont #nata #thingssaraeats

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Take a break from your regular Starbucks routine and grab an espresso and Portuguese tart. Try to pick just one dessert. You can’t.

We recommend: Pastéis de Nata

Location: 460 Egerton St

What Does The World Taste Like? is the first in a “Culture-Hunting” series hosted by LondonFuse. This was our food edition, so stay tuned to Fuse to see where we take you next!

Feature photo by LondonFuse


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