London’s newest gem, right on Dundas Street

By now, I’m sure you’ve partaken in at least one of the brain-stimulating activities known as escape rooms. There’s a few different option here in London, ON but I’m willing to bet, you haven’t been to one like Trapdoor Escape Rooms.

Having recently opened (at the end of February), this place has an immediately different feel than other escape rooms. The staff is extremely attentive and excited to have people coming through. The puzzles are challenging but rewarding while the whole story is a truly intriguing one. Needless to say, we felt very accomplished at the end!

Trapdoor Team 1
The team! Photo by Nicki Borland

The Trapdoor crew got in touch with Fuse to come and try out their rooms very soon after opening and we very quickly and eagerly accepted the invite! Volcano’s Ruin was our first go and, although we needed a little (or a lot of) help, we made it through, perhaps submerged in a little magma.

Following the excursion, I had the chance to talk to one of the owners, Chris Toth. He gave me the lowdown on what Trapdoor’s all about and why you should definitely go!

How excited are you to be joining the ranks of the budding escape room scene here in London? 

Our excitement is through the roof! The Escape Room scene is fantastic here in London and we are thrilled to be able to add our own unique spin to the mix.

So, what’s unique about Trapdoor?

We’ve really gone all out with immersion. Everything you’ll see and interact with was created by us from the ground up. It made the end result an environment that you’ll want to explore all day.
Trapdoor Escape Room 1
Beware of the bees… photo by Michael Del Vecchio

Our puzzles have a healthy mix of brain work along with interactive play; there really is something for everyone in our Escape Rooms.

What can someone expect from a trip to Trapdoor? 

People can expect a friendly staff eager to send you on a fun adventure! They can also expect a professional, engaging experience from beginning to end that goes beyond the traditional “trapped room” expectation.

How large is your team and how long has this been in the works? 

We are a talented team of 4 people. We had the “bar napkin” dream for our very own Escape Room the middle of last year, and then started putting the space and puzzles together Fall of 2016.

Trapdoor Escape Room 3
If you’re not quick, out comes the magma… photo by Michael Del Vecchio

It’s safe to say that, as much of a ride it is to be in the escape room, it has been an even wilder ride for the people behind the magic. What a whirlwind it must have been building this wonderland from the ground up since later in 2016.

Upon visiting, you’d think Trapdoor is a seasoned veteran on top of the escape room scene. It’s definitely getting there and we cannot wait to see where they end up in the near future!

Trapdoor Escape Room 4
Look at this group of Fusers. All smiles after our adventure!

Get yourself to Trapdoor Escape Rooms asap! For info on bookings, check out their website, Facebook or catch them in person at 248 Dundas Street.

Londonfuse would like to extend a HUGE thank you to the Trapdoor team for having us. We had a wonderful time and can’t wait to go back!

Feature photo by Nicki Borland 


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