This is it – the final installment of 30 Days to Vote before the election takes place June 7. Take the time to get informed, find out where you’re voting, and most important of all – GO VOTE!

Without further ado…

Day 22 – Watch your local candidates debate

To make sure you are making an informed choice and picking a candidate that understands the issues facing your riding, take some time and see where they stand.

Find the links to debates for each riding below.

London Fanshawe

London West

Elgin London Middlesex

London North Centre


Day 23 – Check the Polls

You might have been hearing by now that the polls are saying one party or candidate is assured a victory but what do the polls really mean?

Depending on who you ask they may be seen as an accurate predictor of election outcomes or as good a source as fortune cookies or reading the party leader horoscopes.

Here are a few things to consider though when looking at polls:

What was the number of people asked and where were they from?

It’s an important question, as 200 people from the GTA may not have the same opinions as people in your riding.

How were the respondents contacted?

Was the poll done by phone and if so was it by landline? Do you have a landline? Do you answer unknown numbers?

Sometimes polls are opt-ins, in which case parties may encourage their members to respond skewing the numbers in their favour. And sometimes polls are put out by special interest groups who pose leading questions with a preferred answer already in mind.

Polls can sometimes be helpful – just make sure you do some research.

Day 24 –  Revisit your thoughts on what you want for Ontario

Look back at what you wrote down. What did you want to see the government do in regards to health care services, infrastructure, education, etc.?

Did your local candidates and the different parties include ideas in their platforms/agendas?

Is there any party or candidate that spoke to all your needs?  Is there any party or candidate that didn’t offer anything close to what you want for your province and community?

Was there anything you had concerns over that you don’t have an answer on? If so send them a question. The way they respond to you now is a pretty good indication on how they will respond if they get the job.

Day 25 –   Post on social media that you plan to vote

Make a cartoon, write a silly song or just update your status that you plan to vote. It’s a right not afforded to some people in other countries.

People have fought and died for it.

This year marks the 100-year anniversary of some women gaining the right to vote, although for Indigenous peoples the wait was even longer.

Day 26 – Talk to a friend about what they have thought about the election

How do you think the election process could be improved? Would you like to see all leadership candidates included in debates? Would you improve the debates in other ways?

Do you think signs help or do you just find them to clutter up the landscape? Do you agree with our current first-past-the-post electoral system, or would you prefer ranked ballots or proportional representation?

Do you think the voting age should be lowered or raised?

Should voting be mandatory? Would you like to see election days become a stat holiday or have online voting options?

Remember – thinking about this stuff doesn’t have to end on June 7. If you feel passionately about any of these issues, contact your MPP and the elected government and let them know where you stand. No matter who wins they are working for you!

Day 27 – Rest day

If you missed some things, you could do a massive cram session and go through the last 26 days’ challenges. If you’ve come to feel really strongly for a particular candidate or party, maybe share your feelings with coworkers, friends and your social media followers.

Day 28 – Find your polling station

If you have already received your voter card it’s on there.  If you haven’t received your voting card, don’t worry you can still vote.

Find out when and where here.

Day 29 – Make a plan to vote

It’s been said if you fail to plan, you plan to fail and failure is not an option.

So take some time to plan how you are going to vote. Make sure you have the ID you need packed up and ready to go. Find the easiest route to your polling station and check how long it will take to get there.

Whether you are going before or after work, make sure you are leaving enough time in case there are lines. If you need assistance, most parties will assist with rides to make sure you are able to cast your ballot. Contact them for more information.

Day 30 – Vote!


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