Over the past year, the world has been overtaken by businesses who deliver specialty items right to your door. Craft beer, artisanal meats, even your evening dinner can be delivered to your front step, simply by the click of a mouse. Packages, boxes, and bags can come from all over the world and can open your eyes to new and exciting things you didn’t even know you loved. But, what if we want to keep things a little closer to home?
You definitely can! This is what the newly established London Local Box is all about. In an effort to promote shopping local, the boxes feature many different local businesses each month. I recently had the chance to catch up with company creator Tim Sharpe, so I’ll let him tell you more about it!
London Local Box
The goods! Photo by Nicki Borland

 So, what is London Local Box all about?

London Local Box is a curated box available by subscription either in monthly, three month, six month, or twelve month subscriptions. The box is filled with handmade items, created locally by small businesses. It’s London Local Box’s mission to support and help grow the many small businesses that London has and to expand the need for shopping local in our city.

How many local businesses per box do you highlight?

In each box we try and feature 5 – 7 locally owned small businesses. We also have specialty boxes for specific occasions or holidays that usually feature 4-5 local small businesses.


London Local Box
Treats and treats and treats. Photo by Nicki Borland
London Local Box
Kosuma Peanut Butter Bar. YUM. Photo by Nicki Borland

What inspired you to do this?

Having owned a number of small business in the past, I’ve seen the difficulty that many small businesses have with consumers shopping at large, national retailers and yet these small businesses do not have the advertising budgets to compete with such large brands.
Local London Box
A little something from the LDN Candle Co. Photo by Nicki Borland
London Local Box
Primal Rob’s Paleo Hemp Bar. Photo by Nicki Borland

It’s my hope that I can create awareness for the small businesses that participate in my boxes and hopefully generate more revenue for them as well. I consider London Local Box a type of marketing service for these small businesses and I want our relationships with them to be beneficial to all involved.

How has London responded?

The response from the London community has been amazing, my goal for the first month I launched was a small one but we surpassed that by 700%. It has even grown four-fold since then.
London Local Box
From the Meadow lip balm. Photo by Nicki Borland
The media attention has been phenomenal and local government agencies have reached out to either partner with us or to support us and that really gives a small business owner like myself a great feeling of support.

Why is this business important in a place like London?

London Local Box is important in London because there are many small businesses that many people don’t know exist. Through connecting with vendors every day, I discover small businesses everywhere around our great city.

What do you hope this venture inspires people to do?

I sincerely hope that London Local Box can inspire many to not only discover new businesses, but also to go out and discover other many great small businesses in their community.
London Local Box
From the Meadow Bath Bomb. Photo by Nicki Borland
Every small business owner will tell you that they depend on consumers shopping more and more now. So if my boxes can generate one more sale for my vendors then I’ll know that there has been more awareness created about their various practices.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I would really like to thank the London community for welcoming my new business with open arms. You’ll be seeing London Local Box around craft shows and festivals in the coming months so please come say hello!
Also, we’re planning a special Mother’s Day box and if you buy 1 box you will receive a second for free. You can then choose to give that second box to a mom, friend, or have us donate it to Women’s Community House shelter and help make Mother’s Day a very special day for one of their residents.
London Local Box
Just look at it all! And thank you to our Marketing Intern Emma Marr for her stellar modelling skills. Photo by Nicki Borland
Lastly, I would like to thank LondonFuse for this feature and opportunity. I sincerely hope their readers will continue to support the great work they do in London. As a show of appreciation, I would like to offer all LondonFuse readers a coupon code in which you’ll recieve 15% off your box order.  When ordering online, enter “ldnfuse” as the code and you’ll be set to go!Many Thanks again to Nicki and the team at LondonFuse.


Get more London Local Box info on the website, Facebook, and Instagram.
Feature photo by Nicki Borland


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