“Being an adult right? What’s that all about,” jokes Dave Moffatt over Skype from Calgary.

I suggest it would be easier to go back to say 1999. When we were still kids, and a little thing called social media had not quite exploded yet. “Well, we had MySpace,” Dave corrects.

While the rest of us were taping songs from the radio for the perfect mix, or trying Biore nose strips for the first time – Dave and his brothers were part of the elite boy bands of the 90s and early 2000s. Yup, right up there with *N Sync, The Backstreet Boys and Hanson were The Moffatts.

The Moffatts are back with a new album, Secrets.
The Moffatts are back with a new single, Secrets. Photo via facebook.

I don’t know about most of you, but as a 90s kid, my time in 1999 was spent trying to get the opposite sex to notice me. Dave was a teen who didn’t have that problem.

“We’d have fans waiting in our hotel bathrooms – that would scare the living daylights out of you,” Dave says nonchalantly as if many people have experienced this in their teen years. “Our shirts would get ripped off, we couldn’t wear necklaces or anything because those would get ripped off.”

From country to pop

The Moffatts consisted of Dave and his brothers Scott, Clint and Bob. The brothers had been in a band since they were 5 or 6 years old, where they toured around playing country music – and man, the matching outfits from this time are unbeatable!

Unlike many pop acts at the time, the brothers wrote all the music and played their own instruments.

They flooded the mainstream (in Canada that meant Much Music) when they shed their country image in 1998 and released the album Chapter 1: A New Beginning. This gave us hits like I Miss You Like Crazy and I’ll Be There For You, solidifying them as pop royalty. Girls even began bleaching their bangs a la The Moffatts – some traveling across the country to see every show.

The album that spawned an army of adoring fans.
The album that spawned an army of adoring fans. Photo via facebook.

They released one more album in 2000, Submodalities (with the winning single Bang Bang Boom) and then the group disbanded. Well, as much as you can disband being family.

“It was a necessary thing for us,” Dave explained. “Our identities were so confined and trapped to being in The Moffatts, I think we needed to seperate to find who we really were.”

Different directions

For the past 18 years The Moffatts have discovered who they are outside of a ‘boy band.’ Scott has been writing music and producing acts; Bob and Clint moved to Nashville and created the group Endless Summer; and although Dave still has a musical side, he decided to follow his spiritual side. He became a yoga teacher.

“I was struggling a bit and looking to move forward and find more happiness in myself,” he explains about finding yoga. “It gave me a lot of inner strength and inner awareness.”

Dave Moffatt found yoga after finding music.
Dave Moffatt found yoga after finding music. Photo via facebook.

However, much like his brothers who were still in the music industry, Dave never stopped playing or writing. And after 18 years of growing up and becoming individuals outside of The Moffatts, the brothers were ready to reunite and record again.

For the fans

They were inspired to write new music after they were told of their popularity in the Philippines. So much so, the three brothers Scott, Bob and Clint did a sold-out Moffatts tour last year. Dave was held up with teaching, but followed with a solo tour to complete The Moffatt tour.

Last month, almost out of nowhere, The Moffatts released a new single – Secrets. It’s a brooding pop-rock number, which doesn’t sound out of The Moffatts discography, but it does sound.. well, grown-up.

It can’t be easy writing a ‘comeback’ single, and Dave wholeheartedly agrees.

“There has to be authenticity if there is going to be a come back,” he explains. “There has to be a sense of what there was and being in tune with what is going on today. It has that Moffatts sound that was prevalent in our earlier records that hopefully the fans will really enjoy, but something new fans will enjoy as well – because it’s not 90s music, it’s 2018 music.”

Secrets, the newest single from The Moffatts, from the album of the same name.
Secrets, the newest single from The Moffatts, is available on Spotify. Photo via facebook.

For those who have had Secrets on repeat on Spotify (I know it’s not just me!), Dave teased that there may be a full EP in the works, and perhaps some sort of tour if ‘adult’ life doesn’t get in the way.

Dave is more than ready for the next wave Moffatt-mania.

“When you sing a song like “I’ll Be There For You,” or “I Miss You Like Crazy,” all the fans sing along – that’s the connecting I really want to experience when I’m on stage. So I’m excited to sing them all again.”

To keep up to date on new music and potential tours follow The Moffatts on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


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