Soon, the celebration of love will be here.

Valentine’s Day is typically associated with romantic love, but over the years other forms of love like friendships, family togetherness, and the bond between a pet and its owner have also been celebrated. Anti-Valentine’s Day celebrations for those who love to hate the holiday are also prevalent.

I know we say this for everything else, but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic means this Valentine’s Day will look different than previous ones. Not to fret, though! That doesn’t mean you can’t show your loved ones you appreciate them (safely) or indulge in some self-love.

London’s got lots of great products for every occasion, including Valentine’s Day. Below is a list of the many ways you can treat your significant other, friends, family, or yourself this Valentine’s Day with local goodies.

Send over some self-love essentials

It’s always fun to receive boxes full of gifts at your door, and what better way to send one than on Valentine’s Day?

Unwrapped Marketplace’s Local Love Valentine’s Day Boxes are filled with lots of eco-friendly gifts for your valentine to indulge in some self-care, whatever that looks like! You can either pick out a box filled with pink candles and bath and body products, self-care for kids, small-batch hot sauces and seasonings, beard care, or essential zero waste products.

A black eye pillow, pink candle, pink soap, a small bag, and hair clips
One of Unwrapped Marketplace’s self-love boxes. Photo via

If you’d like, you can add a handmade card for an extra $5 and/or a $50 gift card to a local restaurant.

Run a bath with a handmade bath bomb

Is there anything more heavenly than running a hot bath after a cold winter’s day? Bath bombs, sugar scrubs, and similar products make baths more fun, and especially after facing chilly weather.

Red nail polish, a gold bath bomb, purple bubble bars, and candy heart bath bombs that say
Magpie Bath’s light collection, pictured here, can get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day. Not in the mood? There’s a dark collection, too. Photo via

Magpie Bath is your one-stop-shop for Valentine’s Day-themed bath products, because they serve those who love the occasion and those who loathe the occasion. Magpie’s candy heart bath bombs reflect both moods and there are other products available that are exclusive to their dark collection, like the anatomical heart bath bomb, and the light collection, like the sweetheart cupcake bath bomb.

Of course, there are lots of other bath bomb choices, including build your own bath bomb kits.

Treat yourself (literally!) to some local eats

London’s chock-full of bakeries offering Valentine’s Day cookies, cupcakes, donuts, and even pink and red chocolate covered Oreos. You can pick up some tasty treats from places like Bella Dolci Bake Shop, La Noisette Bakery and Deli, and Happiness Cafe.

A hot chocolate bomb, macarons, chocolate covered oreos, and other treats from Happiness Cafe
Happiness Cafe has lots of tasty treats to make your Valentine’s Day sweeter. Photo via

With Londonlicious continuing until the end of February, you can pick up a special lunch or dinner from 21 participating restaurants. Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) also offers a three-course Valentine’s Day for Two dinner with all proceeds supporting YOU’s programs. Anderson Craft Ales and eatOA also offers a three-course meal for Valentine’s Day with three beers.

Declare your love on the Budweiser Gardens digital marquee

Whether you’re missing cheering on our London Knights or singing along with fellow fans at concerts, you can still be part of Budweiser Gardens while live events are on hold.

You can send a shout out on the digital marquee outside of the arena to your significant other, family member, friend, pet, and anyone else you want to show appreciation for on Valentine’s Day. When Londoners take their downtown stroll or drive past the arena, they’ll see your message.

Budweiser Gardens also has a chocolate heart that you can smash with a hammer and/or bottles of Prosecco that you can add to the package or buy on their own.

Scoop up some scrunchies

Scrunchies exploded in popularity over the past few years, and part of the fun is collecting a bunch so you have a different one for every occasion.

A sparkly scrunchie boquet from Evelynn by Nicole Snoeblen
A beautiful boquet made out of beautiful scrunchies. What more could a scrunchie lover ask for? Photo via

Evelynn by Nicole Snoeblen sells scrunchie bouquets, which come with a few scrunchies in pink and red tones, either sparkly or non-sparkly, and are perfect for the scrunchie lover in your life.

Pick up plenty of flowers

Speaking of bouquets, flowers always make great gifts for yourself or someone you care about for Valentine’s Day. Pick up some flowers from local shops like Floral Theory, Grow and Bloom Co. or Regency Florists.

A boquet of flowers
There are plenty of fun floral options to choose from for Valentine’s Day. Photo via

Host a movie night at-home with the help of Hyland Cinema

Watching movies at home is a great way to pass the time, and you can make it part of a special occasion.

Hyland Cinema features a variety of films you can stream from home, and on Feb. 13, you can pick up snacks and new merchandise from the theatre.

Happy Valentine’s Day, London! If there are any other ways you’re celebrating the holiday, leave a comment and tell us.

Featured photo by alleksana from Pexels


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