The Great Canadian Caesarfest is a celebration of an inherently Canadian cocktail in support of Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU).

The event is organized by Caesarfest – a new marketing company that looks to introduce new and unique Caesar products to London and Ontario.

This is the first festival of its kind in Canada and it will open its doors April 28 at 333 Richmond St.

Scott Bollert – the brains behind Caesarfest – took a moment to speak to Fuse about the event.

Bollert described the Great Canadian Caesarfest as a  unique event that would not mirror the usual pattern of Beer festivals, but rather an amalgamation of a food and trade shows. Caesarfest is looking to shine a light on a truly unique canadian cocktail that can easily be customized to each person’s liking.

No two Caesar’s are ever the same, the traditional cocktail mainly included clam juice and vodka. However, it is one of the easiest cocktails to get creative with, from the base alcohol (fun substitutes are Rye, Gin, Moonshine, and Tequila) to the garnishes.

A celebration of the non-tragic Caesar

“Caesars are more than just a drink” Bollert responded when asked why he had set his sights on Caesars. “They are a part of a Sunday family tradition and ritual of my family that brought us together.”

As a musician, he has taken the ritual on the road, and now he is looking to share the experience with everyone.


The Great Canadian Caesarfest looks to showcase the unique aspects of the cocktail and market local brands. The event will have multiple craft-style juices and garnishes alongside various hot sauces and “Canadian Heat” showcase.

Great Canadian Caesarfest poster. Courtesy of Scott Bollert
Great Canadian Caesarfest poster. Courtesy of Scott Bollert

Patrons will be able to sample new products and be a part of history. Bollert said there are plans in the works to take Caesarfest across the province. The event will also help settle an age-old debate about which venue serves the best caesar in London, including a competition of individuals who are proud Caesar connoisseurs.

Full roster

The Great Canadian Caesarfest will be unveiling a wonderful collaboration, between London Brewing Co-op and Singers Caesar Drink Mix, in the form of a “Beesar” (for those who like their beer red).

Amongst the vendors will be  Junction 56, Haico’s Hot Sauce, Walkers OneShotCarroll & CoTop Shelf CollectionMiss Mary’s Morning Elixir, Murphy’s Law Distillery Ltd., Chet’s Bloody Mary Seasoning, Premium Bloody Mary Mix, Sunshine FarmsDennis’ Horseradish, and Remark Fresh Markets.

There will be two competitions at the event, one for amateur Caesar makers and the final showdown of the best Caesar making venue. The finalists include East West Bar & Grill (Jesse Marshall), Fitzray’s Restaurant & Lounge (Jay Bell), Fox and Fiddle London, McGinnis Restaurant and Bar, Joe Kool’s (Ross Cockburn), McCabes London (Laura Murray) and the Early Bird.

YOU can be the part of something amazing

YOU supports youth to gain opportunities through support in housing education, skills training, and employment. This organization helps over 3,600 youths across London and Strathroy realize their full potential.

“There is a huge gap in the support available to youth,” Bollert said. “I truly believe in what they [YOU] do.”

YOU was started in 1982, and have five social enterprises that help youth gain on-the-job experience. This not-for-profit also works with 22 community, business and government partners to build a network that provides a stepping stone for youth.

If you are a lover of Caesars and want to find out what can elevate your way of mixing come out to the Caesarfest to be a part of a great cause.

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