You could check the new number of cases of COVID-19 in the region for the tenth time today, or you could focus on good news stories of Londoners supporting one another and doing their best to make it through.

We choose happy news! Add some cheer to your day with this collection of good news stories, funny moments, creative endeavours, and general thoughtfulness from the London, ON area from the past week.

Colour Your World

Londoners continued to bring colour to the Forest City through creative ways, whether chalking their sidewalk or colouring their fences to bring some extra pizazz into their neighbours’ lives.

A fence is decorated in chalk to look like a rainbow. The left half has blue hearts.
Anything can be a canvas if you try / Photo via Twitter / @AbdelkaderSara
The London Police Services crest in chalk. Artist smiles to the right.
Thanking first responders in chalk / Photo via Instagram / @bronagh.joyce

Lighting Up London

Adding to Delta Armouries’ heart, other London landmarks, including Western University’s University College and Alumni Hall, and homes are shining their lights in support of frontline workers.

A string of lights in a window form a heart
Sharing the love in Oxford Park / Photo via Instagram / @oxfordparkneighbours

Online Learning

Elementary and high school students in London and across the province started back at school this week – virtually. Teachers from several local schools wanted to remind their students that they miss them, and they’re still there for them, just a click away.

Teachers pose with handmade signs.
Lord Roberts French Immersion Public School teachers share a hopeful message with their students / Photo via Twitter / @LordRobertsFI
A teacher holds an iPad with a kind message of support
Using technology to say hi! / Photo via Twitter / @mspottlekelly

Construction Workers Show Support

On Saturday, April 4, construction workers led a convoy of trucks through London to show solidarity with frontline healthcare workers. The trucks stopped at several health care facilities, honked their horns as they drove, and carried messages of thanks.

A truck displays a banner thanking health care workers.
A big thank you to the staff at McCormick Home / Photo via Twitter / @uniforlocal302

Nature Puts on a Show

On Tuesday night, Mother Nature put on a show with a thunder and lightning storm, complete with pouring rain and hail. She must have known we’re getting sick of Netflix day after day.

While the rainstorm was entertaining for those safe at home, those who don’t have a roof over their head were cold and wet. If you’re able, help support the organizations, such as the Unity Project, who are supporting those experiencing homelessness.

Local Meals for Frontline Workers

The Root Cellar, Plant Matter Kitchen, Yoda’s Kitchen, and London Wine Bar are among some of the London restaurants delivering meals to frontline workers. Londoners can donate a meal online, supporting both health care workers and small local businesses.

A woman holds a box full of to-go containers.
The London Wine Bar dropping off lunch for staff at the Middlesex London Health Unit / Photo via Instagram / @ldnwinebar
A woman in scrubs gives a thumbs up next to PMK's van.
Plant Matter Kitchen delivered meals to St. Joseph’s Health Science Centre / Photo via Instagram / @plantmatterkitchen

Steady as a Rock

Pretty painted rocks are popping up all over the city with messages of hope and kindness. Next time you’re out for a walk, take a look around to see if you can spot one – or better yet, paint one and leave it for a neighbour to find!

A lovely surprise left in the Highland area / Photo via Twitter / @aquinton
Sometimes the rocks smile back / Photo via Twitter / @kats_clicks

Never Too Old to Smile

Londoner Frank Davis wants to remind us that there’s still time to smile with a poem he remembers from his youth. The video of the 93-year-old-veteran is popular on TikTok, with over 1.5 million views, 473 thousand likes, and eight thousand comments.

@shannonmccluskieI think we all need to hear this😊-Its back! Lets keep this ##smilemovement going! ##foryou ##fyp ##smilepoem ##inspiration ##healthcare♬ original sound – shannonmccluskie

Locally Made Hand Sanitizer

Old East Village’s Union Ten Distilling Co. has shifted its operations from producing gin to hand sanitizer to help deal with overwhelming shortages. Once they receive approval from Health Canada, they can distribute the sanitizer and support essential workers.

Two people pour hand sanitizer into small bottles.
Helping to flatten the curve, one bottle at a time / Photo via Facebook / @uniontendistilling

Still not feeling better? Be sure to check out The Good Among the Bad: Stories of Kindness, Support, and Art Across London – Part One and The Good Among the Bad: Stories of Kindness, Support, and Art Across London – Part Two!

Do you have a local good news story or moment of kindness we should highlight?

Let us know in the comments! 

Feature Image Courtesy of Western University


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