“So I started out in a small town, where if you ain’t the same you get ground down…”

So sings The Elepunk’s frontman, Kevin Frayne, on the band’s new single, Meant To Be. LondonFuse has a special premiere, and you can take a listen right here.

The band is made up of Frayne (vocals, guitar), Ryan Hollenbeck (guitar), Justin Kypers (drums), and Mason VanGaalen on bass. If the names sound familiar, it’s because you’ve probably heard each of them before, albeit in different bands such as Coconut, Averages, Dead Crew and Specks.

Getting serious

While most of Elepunk’s material is poppy and punkish, Meant To Be is a more serious song, Frayne said.

It’s a reflection on coming back to London after many trials and tribulations, and accepting where your roots are.

“There is this mindset that coming from a small town, you’re always ready to blame everything on where you come from,” he said.

The Elepunks will be opening up for A Vulture Wake, and Bad Words. Frayne said he’s excited for A Vulture Wake, growing up listening to all the bands the members used to be in.

“Something big was starting to happen out here,” Frayne said of moving back from the west coast in his early 20s. “I was considering either Toronto or London, but chose London. It was partly because of the people I know here and partly because it’s easier to become a reasonably-sized fish in a small pond.”

Kevin Frayne of The Elepunks is ready to release their new single Sept. 12 at Call the Office.
Kevin Frayne of The Elepunks is ready to release their new single Sept. 12 at Call the Office.

Frayne was originally just sitting on a bunch of material, but said Kypers (who was living with him), convinced him to get out and start playing again. What grew out of it was The Elepunks.

Growing scene

It’s a new age for London music, Frayne said, and there are great things on the horizon.

“Big things are happening in the London music scene,” he said. “There are going to be some good developments and good talent coming very soon.”

A full length album is in the works, which will be recorded over the winter.

In the meantime, head out to Call the Office Wednesday, September 12, and check out the show.


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