FUSE AID – It’s THE Fundraiser For LondonFuse

Get ready for FUSE AID – a one-day fundraising extravaganza for LondonFuse The night will feature a lineup of local musicians, artists and personalities who are all lending their talents to our cause Friday, March 8. The day will consist of two portions – we will be live-streaming segments from Fuse HQ beginning at 2 […]

Bus, Bike, Car – Who Wins The Commuter Challenge?

What’s the best way to get around London? A couple friends and I have relatively the same commute, living and working within a kilometre of each other and got to talking about which of us has the best commute. Each of us is using a different mode of transportation to get around town – thus […]

Review: The Interrogation Of Baruch De Spinoza at TAP

Presented by Western University’s Arts and Humanities Students’ Council and directed by Julia Sebastien, David Ives’ emotional and thought provoking drama The Interrogation of Baruch de Spinoza is on stage at TAP Center for Creativity on Dundas. Author David Ives originally published this acclaimed play in 2009 under the full title New Jerusalem: The Interrogation […]

Get Your Dose Of Local Music This Saturday At City Folk

It’s time for a change, London… This Saturday, January 26, a new(ish) music series will descend upon London. Starting at 7pm at The Rosewood Room, a lineup featuring Deni Gauthier (St. Thomas), Karen Emeny (London), and Ivan Rivers (Huron County), will from here on out be known as City Folk: A Local Songwriters Series. This […]

Warming Up To The O’Pears

Toronto folk trio The O’Pears are bringing their gorgeous harmonies to The Aeolian this Friday. While singers Jill Harris, Meg Contini, and Lydia Persaud have performed at The Aeolian as backing vocalists for acts such as Royal Wood and Barbra Lica, this will be their first headlining show at the historic venue. This group is […]

Cardboard Cafe Keeps Winning At Game Of Life

Opening any new business can be a roll of the dice, but for Cardboard Cafe owner, Josh Rivers, it’s been far more move ahead than miss your turn. The cafe turns four this December, with a special open house Dec. 19, welcoming gamers and non-gamers alike to come in and enjoy the atmosphere. The dominating […]

A Timeline Of Harris Park’s History

Harris Park is more than a green space – it’s a part of local history. After all, Eldon House, above the park, is the oldest home in the Forest City, and Harris Park recognizes the family who loved the home for over a century. The space can go from a tranquil walking path to a […]

The Boy In The Moon Gives Perspective On Parenting

The evening after work was a scramble. I left the office at five and walked through town to fetch my daughter from school. From there we walked to our house to meet my wife and son for dinner. As we walked I kept thinking, “I have things to do tonight. This is stressful. This is […]

A Timeline Of Victoria Park’s History

Get to know the heart of Downtown London! Whether you’ve gone to one of the many festivals, or walked past the illuminated evergreen trees in the winter, you’ve likely experienced London’s beloved Victoria Park. The 18-acre park is a downtown London gem for its various events and lush green space. Below is a timeline of […]

How To Clean Your Car Like An A-Hole – London Style

For some reason, clearing snow off your vehicle is not cool in #lndont. Almost everyone has had a chunk of snow fly into their windshield from the jerk in front of them. If you haven’t – you’re that jerk. However, we here at LondonFuse believe London drivers’ stereotypical disregard for public safety may not be […]