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Allen Family Reunion Invites You To The Strawberry Social

Whether you call it a comeback or a continuation, the Allen Family Reunion is back with a multi-generational album, Strawberry Social. It's the first full-length...

Photo Gallery: London Fringe Festival’s Spectacular Showcase

The London Fringe Theatre Festival - a local showcase of independent artists - had a sold-out opening night on Tuesday, May 29 at the...

LondonFuse Invites You To Binge Cringe At Bad Art Festival II

It's amazing what passes for art these days. On Saturday, April 28, LondonFuse is opening their doors to celebrate the best of the worst the...

Theatre: A Thousand Splendid Suns Shines Bright On Spriet Stage

These Suns can sear. These Suns can warm. These Suns can burn away the darkest shadows — and vanquish the gods of war with the healing...

Undersung No More: Heroic Canadian Black Women Take Centre Stage In...

Portia White. Kay Livingston. Mary Ann Shadd. Rosemary Brown. Viola Desmond. Carrie Best. Our high school history curriculum may have glossed over them, but for...

MTP: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Musical Theatre Group

If you had asked Musical Theatre Production’s President, Joe Recchia “What’s the dream?” three years ago, he would have told you “Keeping MTP afloat." But...

Digging Up The Boneyard Man From The London Underground

It’s an old story. A bunch of young people see someone doing something and say, “Hell, why can’t I do that?” It’s common in music -...

Abstract Bodies: Francisco-Fernando Granados

Meet the artist... Francisco-Fernando Granados is an artist currently based out of Toronto. He is performing the piece "spatial profiling..." in Surveillance Signal, an exhibition...
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