Thanks to COVID-19, social distancing is in full swing as many hideaway at home or are working reduced hours with significantly less physical interaction.

For some, it’s a welcomed break from the daily grind but for others, financial concerns might rival fear regarding the virus itself. This is especially true for small, independent businesses, organizations cancelling or postponing important events, musicians in London, ON and around the world, amongst so many others.

Of course, the health and safety of loved ones, elderly individuals, and those with pre-existing health conditions, is of utmost importance. However, there are ways we can help one another out and support the community around us, in many cases from the comfort of home, and perhaps even find some new ways to occupy our time during this socially distant, and highly isolated time.

Below you’ll find just SOME of the ways you can support local, and support the community today whether through shopping online, ordering delivery, checking out new music, and so much, more!


Be sure to check out your favourite restaurants on social media for the most up-to-date info on delivery and take out options. But, some tasty options include:

  • Vietnam Restaurant (1074 Dundas Street E) – Offering delivery and take out options
  • Toboggan Brewing Co. (585 Richmond Street) – Offering free delivery and take out options
  • Muldoon’s Pizza (925 Wonderland Road S) – Offering pickup options and delivery through Uber Eats

What’s your favourite London, ON restaurant? Let us know!


Let’s be real, having a (very good) excuse to spend time online shopping… it’s not a bad deal! And one thing’s for sure, local businesses will be very happy about it at a time like this. Check out your favourite retail and shop’s website or social media and if they have online shopping capabilities, do it up! A few picks include:

Where do you spend your pennies online? Do tell!


We’ve heard the horror stories about long lines and a lack of toilet paper so do your part by shopping reasonably, supporting local (where/if you can), and staying inside if at all possible!

  • On the Move Organics (521 Burbrook Place) – Fresh, organic produce and grocery items, delivered right to your door! Check out their site right here.
  • Grocery Guy London – Offers grocery shopping and delivery services along with contact-free options for those in isolation. Check out their Facebook for more details.
  • Old East Village Grocer (630 Dundas Street) – Have your list, check it twice, and get yourself in and out quickly. They remain open with reduced hours and heightened sanitation practices. Check them out on Facebook right here.

What’s your grocery shopping go-to? Please share!


We’ve all got to keep busy while social distancing or perhaps isolating depending on recent events in your life. With that in mind, see below for some ideas and links that will keep you entertained and will help you continue supporting local!

  • Check out local artists on social media, Spotify, Bandcamp, or Soundcloud. Give them a listen, download the album, purchase merch, and see if they’ll be doing any online concerts, it has become more and more common in recent days!
  • Why not check out some local podcasts? Some great options include:
    • London’s Pretty Cool– Listen to several episodes on just how awesome this great city is!
    • Witch Finger Horror Podcast – To all you horror fans out there, this one’s for you!
    • Espresso Knowledge – University research from across Canada adapted into stories, told at the same length of time it takes to make a shot of espresso!
  • Take this time to do more reading, a statement we all say too frequently. A local pick? Check out the brand new quarterly, printed, regional digest H.E.R.D which is available online right here.

Remember too, there are plenty of ways you can support the local community that don’t necessarily involve money.

Many of these options have been circulating widely but to reiterate, you can:

  • Buy a gift card to use at a later date
  • Leave a positive social media review
  • Recommend local restaurants to friends and family for delivery/takeout
  • Postpone plans, don’t cancel
  • Stay in contact, reach out to businesses/organizations with positivity or ask how you can help

So, how will you be passing the time during social isolation? If you need a little help and want to inject some fun into your efforts, check out this Support Local Bingo from the London Chamber of Commerce and see how far you get! As well, another resource to check out is this Downtown London business list which keeps us up to date on which core businesses are open to the public during this time.

Of course, staying informed, safe, and healthy is of utmost importance so stay abreast of all updates through the City of London and Middlesex-London Health Unit.

It’s a tough time but we can come together as a community and make it through. As well, if we get to keep supporting the local businesses that give this city it’s character, that in itself is a win!

Want to let us know where you’ll be supporting through these uncertain times? Please leave a comment because there could be so much more on this list!

Feature photo via Facebook / @FilthyRebena


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