Spring is finally here

Even though mother nature is putting up a bit of a fight and there are still a few cold days ahead, it’s safe to officially say that winter is over. So, to celebrate the departure of the cold, I did a little spring-look shoot inspired by a show, The Get Down.

The show is set in the late 1970s and tells us about the genesis of hip-hop music in NewYork. It’s another amazing period piece from Baz Luhrmann and just like The Great Gatsby, what really caught my eye was the wardrobe.

Fashion during the 1970s was about comfort that blended functionality and style perfectly. Tracksuits, leisure suits, culottes, and robes were in. Pieces you could literally chill out in, but still look ready for a day of activities. Sneakers made a big splash in this era too. Ones like the Adidas shell-toes or the Puma Clydes that were super-chill but ready to be dressed up if need be.

You can’t beat that spring feeling

It’s spring and nothing feels better than the ability to leave the house without a ridiculous amount of protective layers on. This season’s also synonymous with bright colours, palettes, and prints. I think 1970s fashion and contemporary spring fashion have one thing in common: they’re about looking good but keeping things chill.

With this shoot, I created 2 simple looks around a pair of thrasher, loose-fitting chinos which I believe capture the essence of 1970s chill fashion and today’s skate culture. Brown chinos are timeless, just like converse all stars.

Look one: The chinos

Spring Fever look styled by Tobi Ade
Photo by Tobi Ade

This shirt is quite interesting. It’s locally made by The Church Of Mannish Vintage Of London Ontario. Also, it’s one of many from a line they call The Canadian Hawaiian Shirt. It was made from repurposed Ralph Lauren bedsheets. I love the fabric and the revere collar.

Spring fever the Eye
Photo by Tobi Ade

Look Two: The Tee

For the second look, we swap the button up shirt for a Tommy Hilfiger tee. Again, super chill but that Tommy badge makes it more than just a t-shirt, now it’s a Tommy t-shirt.

Spring Fever the Eye
Photo by Tobi Ade

And we all know, there’s no t-shirt like a Tommy t-shirt.

Spring Fever the Eye
Photo by Tobi Ade

There you have it! Two looks that are easy to pull off and are good enough for a chill day. It’s great to have the LondonFuse site up and running again so I can share all these looks with you. And, maybe I’ll inspire some new fashion choices as we move into the summer!

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Styled and Shot by Tobi Ade. 



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