You remember that 90s kids game show – the slicked up host, Wink Yahoo, the spinning wheel, that pseudo-masochistic black masked “Punisher,” and of course, buckets of slime.

Well… I caught up with the former host of that zany YTV show – an over-the-top icon of pure 90s nostalgia – and had one hell of an eye-opening conversation.

Getting Freaky with Reiki

“I’m plugged into this energy wall – it’s very blissful”

Scott Yaphe (formerly Wink Yahoo) is a Reiki practitioner that offers spiritual guidance and energy healing – a life coach with spiritual lenses, as he so simply put. We chatted about his current practice, his experiences, and some general thoughts on what it means to be living the good life.

So, what is Reiki? Loosely put, it’s about tapping into a universal energy that can be channeled to encourage emotional and even physical healing. The life force, or universal energy, is transferred by Reiki practitioners outward to patients or clients to promote their inner well-being.

To gain this ability, one must be attuned, or have Reiki passed unto them, so they can learn how to connect with this universe life force energy. Though it’s regarded by many as a pseudo-science, after being introduced to the practice from a friend in 2003, Scott’s life took a drastic change:

“On just my third day of practice by myself, I felt like I had been plugged into a circuit of blissful, ecstatic energy. It coursed through my body in wave,” Yaphe said. “It blew me out of my socks. I immediately called my Reiki Master and asked, ‘What the hell was that?’
She said, ‘Well, that was your Reiki Guides showing you what the energy feels like. Now you know.'”

I know how that may sound…but let me tell you, spirituality aside, Scott has some sage council to share.

#Lifepath: Opening Doors

While practicing Reiki on the side of his acting career, Scott became more attuned with his chi and came to realize his calling. He consciously witnessed the evolution of his spiritual path to the point that he now understands as being his purpose – to serve others in this respect. To guide and to heal. 

Scott Yaphe found his calling when he discovered Reiki.
Scott Yaphe found his calling when he discovered Reiki.

Scott sees that he’s been provided the opportunity to teach and open doors that would otherwise remain shut. As he so succinctly puts it, “The table must be set before the meal.” Had he not been the host of Uh-Oh it would have been more difficult for his fans, people like myself, with no knowledge of Reiki or concepts of spiritual healing, to connect with these ideas. 

Now, before we dive head first into a realm of deep thought and spirituality–take a second to consider the following:

“People cannot be blind to inner work  –
we are here for a purpose, and your purpose is to find it.”  

Finding your Purpose

See, the Reiki master believes that we are these beings of energy that can have imbalances. It’s as simple as knowing that the way life affects us, and how we react to day-to-day experiences, can knock us off center in much the same way that a bad experience can put you in a bad mood.

It’s the inability (or lacking motivation) to process daily life (you know, the human condition) that puts our Chi (life force) out of whack.

When your chi is off balance, the Reiki master can step-in to help you realign yourself. The energy of the universal life force energy is channeled through the Reiki master and into the client. This begins to bring about balance to the areas that are needed. 

To better understand this process, we must grasp the concept that the pain of loss – the loss of life, of loved ones, of existence – is a feeling central to the human experience. This fear is precisely where the disconnect of our human self from our soul becomes apparent. (I know, it’s getting heavy, but bear with it). The further the disconnect from our self and our soul, our most authentic self, the greater the suffering.

By searching within, and through the guidance of someone like Scott, you can begin to discover where these disconnects are. By doing so, you can also find answers for one of the biggest questions we deal with as individuals: what is your greater purpose?  

Well to figure that out, you must search within. (Uh-Oh!)

“We’re here for more than the reasons we think we’re here for”

When you shift perspective from the logical, egotistical nature that humans share, to a perspective of spirituality, of universal energy without form, you can start to make greater realizations. This shift brings about questions geared toward inner discovery rather than the obsession of their outside experience.  

As such, spirituality allows for the greater understanding of your truest self, which is a self that is not under the illusion of being separate from your soul. It is both attached and one. It is also connected to a greater energy.

When this occurs, we are able to then start to see our place in the universe through these spiritual lenses – which can begin the process to alleviate the pain and suffering we go through as human beings every day.

By gaining a deeper sense of what you experience in life, and how react to it, you can begin to know and connect with your sense of purpose nestled within. Heavy, eh.

Who is your truest self? 

Scott suggests putting out this simple question to the universe, “Can you show me my path?”

It’s a starting point to self-discovery. Once the question is asked though, the individual must still work and keep their eyes and ears peeled for a calling. You cannot escape this path, and though you may diverge from it, the quicker you become aware of serving your path, the clearer your life will become. The key is to stop being blind to it.

“We all need to do the work to start healing ourselves so we don’t miss out on the potential each of us has,” he says. “We are all here to experience great potential.”

I’ve got potential, Mom!

So, what does all of this spirituality mean?

Mainly, it’s about perspective, about finding your most authentic self, discovering your deepest truths, and forming a true connection within. That’s some solid advice. In his practice, Scott has become well versed in helping people attain these truths.

He also told me that we are all teachers to one another, and he firmly believes we are brought into each other’s lives at exactly the right time, and after our conversation, I have to agree.

Remember: “There’s no imperfect scenario”

By searching within we can better understand our place. By opening up, we acknowledge that we can all learn from each other. It’s about accepting that we are all here in shared impermanence, but the inexplicable chaos of the present is enough to bond through experience.

Though he’s no longer dumping slime (which was pretty disgusting, as it consisted of old food bits and often sat for days between shoots) on television, Scott’s serving his greater purpose – to promote self-healing and inner growth.

Also, apparently the Punisher was super nice in person.

For more Reiki info be sure to check out Scott’s website.
or Facebook page.


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