Front tooth missing, with a black button-up shirt and a snarky grin, speak-shouting savage wit over heavy destruction…

That’s usually what you can expect from Drew Thomson, the furiously-charismatic frontman of Single Mothers.

The skewering snide of London’s post-hardcore heroes returns with their Sophomore album, Our Pleasure. Following the album’s release this past summer, the boys launched off on a supporting tour across Europe and North America, thrashing alongside heavy hitters like Alexisonfire, The Flatliners, and A Wilhelm Scream.

They’re now wrapping up a Canadian winter tour, with a show at Call the Office this Friday.

Lashing out

Our Pleasure dives into the usual territory of self-deprecation, with lyrical twists taking shots at everything from drunken assholes to the big man Himself.

London's Single Mothers are back with sophomore release, Our Pleasure.
London’s Single Mothers are back with sophomore release, Our Pleasure. Photo courtesy of Single Mothers

It pulls through with Thomson’s infamous, candid delivery – carrying on with the same lo-fi punk intensity found on their self-titled debut album.

Our Pleasure is loaded with lyrics that flip from tech to snarky self-referential destruction. The album’s second track, High Speed, obnoxiously fires on all things post-industrial, bemoaning a tragic time when “nobody knows [you] better than your search history.”

Here’s my pledge of allegiance

To the kids I can already hear making fun of this

I liked the older shit

Whatever happened to single mothers

Drew fires his best sassy shots inward, and rightfully so, given the band has has gone through more members than most single mothers date in a lifetime. Though they’ve nearly folded on several occasions, they continue to hold course with a unique sound that’s all their own.

Mixing it up

As the record carries on, ear-assaulting screams are subbed out for melodic shifts and pronounced rock’n’roll riffing. The track People are Pets bridges the album with a 50s doo-wop swing before their crusty heaviness returns on some of their hardest tracks to date.

Well Wisher is a track of pure fury that begs you to put your fist through walls. Its vein-popping screams harmonize with the bellowing of ominous, Cult-esque backup vocals over speaker-blowing basslines and reverb.

Single Mothers' Our Pleasure album cover.
Single Mothers’ Our Pleasure album cover. Photo via Facebook / @singlemothersparty

The album wraps up with the slower ballad Bolt Cutter, which walks through that forsaken breakup routine we’ve all gone through – played out to a perfection only they could deliver.

Overall goodness

All in all, it’s a well-rounded album, though a little disjointed in the middle. Our Pleasure carries the same heavy-handedness Single Mother fans love.

True to the name, the band continues to be a force of their own devices, delivering what they want regardless of what you like.

Meanwhile, be sure to catch these guys and witness their relentless stage presence this Friday, Dec. 15 at Call the Office.

Photo via Facebook / @singlemothersparty


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