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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Working with LondonFuse—It’s an investment in local talent.

Our aim is to promote arts and culture in London, ON, giving people a glimpse of city life that commercial media often ignores. We do this every day through our online platform, LondonFuse.ca. 

Further to that, we create experiences and content by documenting events, artists, history, and business while advocating for community by providing a fun and inclusive platform for readers like you.

And who helps us do all of this? Volunteers! All of the content you see online or in print has been created by a talented, dedicated volunteer who we’re training to develop skills that will help them gain confidence and employment opportunities in their chosen field.

Therefore, to ensure growth and the ability to expand upon programming that’s so essential to so many cultural creators, we are looking to partner with exciting businesses, event organizers, and rebels in our community and beyond.

So, what are the services we offer and how can you get involved…

Advertise on LondonFuse.ca

Londonfuse.ca is a growing platform, with new content published frequently.

The website averages over 27,000 views each month and the number keeps increasing! From September 2018 – September 2019, there were over 116,000 unique visitors to the site and thousands more regularly return to read new content. In addition, LondonFuse’s social media channels reach upward of 65,000 people each month.

LondonFuse.ca advertise
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LondonFuse reaches people who are looking for London’s best experiences. 

Our primary audience is in the 25-44 year old age range and the bulk of our views come from London. However, we see views from Toronto, Hamilton, Waterloo, Kitchener and all over Southwestern Ontario every day.

However, our audience is increasingly growing therefore making the average age range, as well as general interests, multiply and expand. Are you looking to reach the community in a new, innovative, and locally-focused way? Perhaps advertising on LondonFuse.ca is just what you’re looking for!

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Content Sponsorship

When we partner with a business, organization, or event to produce sponsored content, the unique and engaging voice of LondonFuse is not lost. We maintain the highest degree of awareness when it comes to promoting the sponsored topic while remaining true to content that would be on our site regularly.

Through sponsored content, your business, organization, or event is promoted in an organic and seamless fashion so as to promote your chosen topic, as well as its relevance to London, ON and beyond.

Sponsored Content LondonFuse
One client’s front page article for sponsored content. We also offer a “powered by” banner upon clicking into the articles in order for direct referrals to your link of choice.

Sponsored content is a different and lasting way to reach a new audience. Research conducted by IPG Media Lab and Forbes demonstrated that branded content has a more powerful and lasting impression on consumers than conventional advertising.

But, creating your own content is time-consuming and challenging. And once you create it – how do you get anyone to notice it? Look to LondonFuse – experts in new media and content creation – to help you!

In this sense, sponsored content is a way to tell your story through the voice of LondonFuse, to an existing dedicated audience that has been built over the past 10 years and has reached over 20,000 pageviews per month on average. By sponsoring pieces, you are guaranteed to receive a polished, informative, and enticing article in which you had the chance to help tailor.

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Why advertise/work with LondonFuse?

Because every single dollar goes right back into developing our programs and in turn, the skill sets that each and every one of our volunteer contributors are working to develop.

We spend every moment we can to help the next generation of creators develop skills and in so doing, strengthen our community. Now, we want to offer even more ways for our community to help us do it while guaranteeing a reciprocal value.

CONTACT US, right here.

OR if you have any questions or just want to chat about some options, you can contact our Fundraising Director, Melissa Parker, directly at fundraising@londonfuse.ca.