From throwing axes to playing Mario Kart, to eating popcorn before your dinner, there’s so much to do in the Rec Room.

Cineplex’s The Rec Room offers more than 30,000 square feet of activities that guarantee a fun outing. When you walk in, the bright, flashing, colourful lights from the games will make you feel ready to play as much as possible.

Satisfy your hunger for gaming at the Rec Room. London, Ontario's The Rec Room's The Yard, which features a variety of arcade games.Photo by Emily Stewart.
Good luck deciding which game to play first! Photo by Emily Stewart

I stopped by the Rec Room with fellow Fuse contributors Laura Thorne and Dishan Anderson. Between trying new games and enjoying dinner, our night at the Rec Room was a fast-paced, energetic night.

The Pre-Game Grub

There are two places where you can eat in the Rec Room. There’s The Shed, which offers donuts and poutine. Three10, on the other hand, is a sit-down restaurant where you can choose from a selection of entrees and appetizers.

Satisfy your hunger for gaming at the Rec Room. A fireside s'mores donut at The Rec Room in London, Ontario.Photo by Emily Stewart.
Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try this donut at the Shed, but you should. Photo by Emily Stewart.

The three of us dined at Three10 before we headed to the arcade. Three10 is a good place to have a conversation while you dine, with only music filling the ambiance.

We split roasted olives and a pretzel board before our meal. Before we got either appetizer, however, we were given popcorn to start. The lightly salted popcorn was a unique way to start dinner, as most restaurants usually give a bread basket or chips and salsa after you order food.

Not that I’m hating on chips and salsa or bread baskets, by the way. I will happily eat any and all carbohydrate-rich food.

Satisfy your hunger for gaming at the Rec Room. Popcorn from the Rec Room in London, Ontario.Photo by Emily Stewart.
At Rec Room, you get to start your dinner with popcorn. Photo by Emily Stewart.

The soft and lightly salted pretzel came with a beer-and-cheese dip and a mustard dill dip. The pretzel paired best with the dill dip, but the cheese dip also went quite well with it. The roasted olives were flavourful and had a denser texture than usual. I normally wouldn’t consider eating olives on their own, but that appetizer convinced me otherwise.

It was tough deciding what my main dish would be, but I decided to go with the smoked cheddar macaroni and cheese. It’s been a while since I had a version of macaroni and cheese that was not from a box – and macaroni and cheese is one of my go-to comfort foods.

Satisfy your hunger for gaming at the Rec Room. Macaroni and cheese and arugula salad at the Rec Room in London, Ontario. Photo by Emily Stewart.
The smoked cheddar mac + cheese was so filling, I almost didn’t have room for my salad. Photo by Emily Stewart.

The rich and creamy pasta was like having cheese fondue with a hint of caramelized onions on noodles. The cheddar also packed a punch.  The arugula side salad had a lemony vinaigrette dressing that nicely contrasted with the macaroni and cheese.

Bright lights, big games

The arcade has a variety of games for every kind of gamer to enjoy. The games are fast-paced, so you can easily play more than 10 in less than two hours. You will find new versions of old favourites like Pac-Man, and new games such as The Speed of Light.

Speaking of old favourites, those games received major upgrades. Space Invaders Frenzy can have up to two players and there are so many space invaders to shoot. If you try the Pac-Man air hockey table, you must shoot so many mini pucks, it’s hard to keep score.

Satisfy your hunger for gaming at the Rec Room. Dishan Anderson and Laura Thorne playing "Space Invaders Frenzy" at the Rec Room in London, Ontario.
Fighting space invaders is a two-person job. Photo by Emily Stewart.

Some of the games will make you feel like you are living that experience outside of the screen. For example, one of the games has you trying to ski by moving your body left and right, while standing in ski bindings. There’s a snowboarding game right next to it where you control the game by shifting on the board.

Now, I’ve never tried skiing or snowboarding in real life, but I think my arcade experience is close enough.

Whether you are wanting to try a new restaurant or have been craving some arcade time, be sure to stop by the Rec Room. There’s so much more there than what I got to experience so far, so get your game on!


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