It’s been a busy couple of years for local comic publisher Runciman Press. Headed up by Christopher and Lori Runciman and graphic designer Tristan Denome, the press began as a project to publish Christopher’s art.

Now, it has blossomed into an enterprise for supporting London’s comic artists. With a release schedule packed with comics and a new online shop, the press is showing no signs of slowing down. The team is celebrating their second anniversary this week with the launch of the ‘RP’ imprint.

What is an imprint? In comic terms, an imprint is a collection of comics grouped by a particular common thread. The imprint is part of a larger imprint or comic publisher. For example, Vertigo is an imprint of DC Comics. Vertigo features mature or alternative content that would not print under the main DC line. Basically, DC publishes Batman and Superman, while Vertigo publishes The Sandman and Preacher.

Several Runciman Press titles on display. Photo by Sammy Roach.

Runciman Press has released several different collections and comics under their own main line. These include many of Christopher’s works, with collections such as the Short Story Releases and Alpha Bet Books. There are also longer serial stories such as Elmwood and The Trials of Apex.

Cover art for Elmwood: 1 from Runciman Press.

In addition to Christopher’s works, several comics feature both new and seasoned artists. The New Apartments anthology series welcomes artists to submit short comics for publication. The comics feature a variety of genres and formats. With autobiography, science fiction, crime, fantasy, and more, the series opens the door to writers and artists across a wide spectrum.

Cover art for The New Apartments Volume 5 from Runciman Press.

Also in the spirit of collaboration are the London Comic Jam collections. These are built from pages produced at the London Comic Jam. The jam is a free monthly event held at The Arts Project. The event brings out a variety of artists to work together on comics. As a result, the pages feature winding stories with a variety of art styles. One London Comic Jam volume can feature dozens of artists. Many of these artists are publishing for the first time.

Cover art for London Comic Jam Volume 1 from Runciman Press.

While the main line of Runciman Press has had great success in supporting new talent, the RP Imprint will take things to the next level. The team offered some quick quips on what readers can expect from the new imprint. They also shared their reflections on the last two years, and their hopes for the future of London comics.

What is the new imprint all about?

Runciman Press’s main line of books, printed since inception, include anthologies and project/event-related books. Runciman Press’s new imprint, RP, is the distinguishing brand for creator-owned publications. This is a new product line featuring full works of up-and-coming talented creators from London and area.

What are some of the titles coming out of the new imprint?

“Talisher Book 1 Marek’s Crown by D. L. Mabbot/Lowell Isaac/David C.Hopkins
“7Eventh Blues” by Anthony Wallace
“The Devil Doesn’t” by David Sisson/Chris Parr
“Slovenly Stories” by Jill Clair
“SOS Space Opera Story” by Christopher Runciman
“Two Swords”, in development by Dustin Parkes
“New Apartments: Alternative Living”

What are you most proud of in these last two years of Runciman Press?

Having had the opportunity to publish over 100 artists ranging in skill from amateur to professional.

What are your hopes for the future of Runciman Press?

We look forward to continued growth to provide broader market exposure for local creators. A national distribution arrangement would be fantastic!

What are your hopes for the future of London’s comics?

We are hopeful for the further development of collaboration and cooperation across the diverse aspects of the comic community.

Where is a good place for an aspiring comic artist to start?

Come out to London Comic Jam held monthly at the Arts Project – next Jam is May 8 from 6:00-9:00 p.m.

An artist jamming at the 2016 London Comic Con. Photo by Sammy Roach.

Join Runciman Press for their 2nd anniversary celebration and imprint launch. The event is at The Arts Project on Wednesday, May 3rd at 7:00pm as part of the Ting Festival. Pick up some awesome new comics, meet the creators, and eat snacks! Admission is free.

Get more Runciman Press on the website and Facebook.

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