Greetings, My Sweet Little Cherubs!

It’s Valentine’s season! And whether you celebrate or not, ‘tis that time of year when hearts, arrows, and hormones are flying everywhere. It’s also the time of year when the number of Tarot readings skyrockets!  

While I would absolutely love to take you down a winding path of fun facts about Valentine subjects like Cupid (not actually a naked baby), goddesses of love (Aphrodite is just the beginning), and St. Valentine’s fate (very, very violently dead), I’m not going to go that route. Instead, I’m going to get ahead of the horse-drawn carriage and give y’all some tips and general knowledge about Tarot, especially the cards that have to do with the most confounding of human subjects — LOVE.

How Do I Love Thee?

This holiday pushes many people into trying Tarot for the first time, either performing readings for themselves or others.

And while I always support self-discovery through this art, I have also seen too many friends distressed over the results — whether justifiably or otherwise. Personal practice is always the best way to build a relationship with the cards, however, allow me to lovingly point out some things I’ve learned in my own practice. Ideally, we can sidestep some emotional strife. 

Let Me Count The Yays!

The presence of these Tarot cards is welcome in almost every kind of reading! Within a love reading, however, they take on some fun specificities.    

                                    the lovers tarot card


The Lovers

This card is beat-you-over-the-head positive in a love reading! Just look at it! Not only does this card signify a union, but the decision to create one. The Lovers will show up when the parties involved have chosen to become beholden to each other. A+ 


                                            the two of cups tarot card

The Two Of Cups

There are plenty of Tarot practitioners who maintain that this card is an even better one than The Lovers! The Two of Cups has to do with the pure unbridled energy that emotion (in this case, love) brings to the table and its attraction. Also, it’s known as “The Lord of Love,” so there’s that.        


the four of wands tarot card

The Four Of Wands

The Four Of Wands is one of the happiest cards to receive across the board! It represents the growth of ambition/will/creativity. The only place where one can do this is from within a safe, supportive environment. This can be physical, emotional, or even eventful. The Four of Wands sometimes hints at a wedding, especially if the Three of Cups and The Hierophant are also present!      


                                    the empress tarot card

The Empress

Ruled by Venus, this card signifies fecundity, abundance, and pleasure of the heart and body. The Empress is no pushover though, she’s not just holding that sceptre because it looks rad. Since this is also a card of growth, it can hint at pregnancy. 


the ace of wands tarot card

The Ace Of Wands

The Ace of Wands is known as the Root of the Powers of Fire. The Wands deal with ambition and will. The imagery is pretty forthcoming, but not just in regard to male sexual energy. Especially in a sexier reading, this bodes well. Get it, girl! 



Let Me Count The Okays!

The reputations of these Tarot cards precede them in both positive and negative lights — and with good reason. These cards will especially be affected by whether they are right-side-up, or up-side-down (reversed). I’ve seen both wild positives and rotten negatives within varying interpretations. Grains of salt everyone!  

the knight of cups tarot card

The Knight Of Cups

Prince(ss) Charming on their loyal steed. Swift and full emotions follow this knight wherever they doth trot. Keep in mind that a reversed Knight of Cups is much the same, with less fun for those on the other side of the horse, however. This lover may in-fact be all trot and no deeper thought, leaving you in their tear-stained wake.


the star tarot cardThe Star

The Star shines as a beacon of hope. Especially after a rough time, this card reminds us that there is always something to look forward to. Be wary however, especially when reversed, this card can be a special kind of dangerous. If we only focus on the light, and not how to get there, we can find ourselves dashed on the rocks. Lighthouses provide both a path and a warning, after all.


the eight of cups tarot card

The Eight Of Cups

While at first glance The Eight of Cups seems like a bad time, it can also signify the benefits of changing it up. Best-selling author Ada Calhoun encapsulated it nicely when she said “I’ve had at least three marriages. They’ve just all been with the same person.” Relationships change- but it’s up to those involved to decide when to change, what to keep, and what to leave behind, together.                                                    


the emperor tarot card

The Emperor

There’s a fine line between a powerful male presence and a domineering pig. The Emperor, being ruled by Aries, can represent either one of them. Whether the ram’s thrust is for butting heads, or for pushin’ it real good, there is a lot of energy behind this one.  



Let Me Count The No-ways!

I like to try and maintain as positive a spin as possible when doing readings. I can’t lie though; these Tarot cards have always screamed “NO!” to me when in the context of romance.

     the devil card

The Devil

The Devil card is pretty straight forward. Unhealthy attachments and animalistic wants rule this bad boy. Also, it’s almost a shot-for-shot worst-case-scenario version of The Lovers. That’s no coincidence. 



the three of cards tarot card

The Three Of Swords

Look at the card! Look at it! Almost never welcome in love readings, the Swords rarely have hopeful input. It’s no wonder this one is also known as The Lord of Sorrow. Need I say more?          




the tower tarot card


The Tower

Sudden, cataclysmic change is the name of the game when it comes to The Tower. The silver lining here is that one is given the opportunity to practice acceptance in the face of life’s harsh and seemingly random calamities. I know, not much solace, but I’m trying here! 


   the seven of swords tarot card

The Seven of Swords

Look at this sneaky fool. The keywords for The Seven of Swords include; dishonesty, selfishness, artifice, and theft. You’re playing games, they’re lying, or a bad mixture of the two. Get out of there, sweetheart!  


May this Tarot guide help you navigate this extra tricky Valentine season. Be safe! Be smart! Be sexy!

Happy Valentine’s Day, London!

Feature image of The Birth of Venus, a painting by the Italian artist Sandro Botticelli, from the mid-1480s.



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