This one’s for all of you flapper girls, flaming youths, and jelly beans.

Eldon House is hosting a one of a kind party for Londoners to get a taste of the 1920s.

eldon house london ontario
Eldon House is a cherished London heritage property. Photo by Joe O’Neil.

Eldon House was built in 1834 and inhabited by the Harris family until 1960. It’s the perfect setting for an authentically 1920s romp.

A Party from London’s Past

Danielle Costello, Eldon House Program Coordinator, says that the Lemon-Yellow party was a 1920s annual event thrown by the Harris family.

“Through our research, we have found evidence in the Harris diaries, and through oral histories that the Harris family threw an annual party during the 1920’s era where everything was lemon-yellow!”

eldon house london ontario
Get ready for a garden party! Photo by Joe O’Neil.

The party will feature yellow specialty cocktails and a buffet of hors d’oeuvres. Guests will also have a chance to enjoy some live jazz and ragtime music from the band Hot Sauce.

On top of that, party goers can watch a demonstration of 1920s dance styles. Then, they can let loose on the outdoor dance floor themselves.

Dancing to Preserve History

Not only is the Lemon-Yellow party a one of a kind experience, it’s an opportunity to help raise funds for the Eldon House. The party features a silent auction that will help raise money for archival research, programming, and maintenance of London’s oldest residence.

Danielle shares that the archival research leads to more and more knowledge about Eldon House. “As of late, we have been working on transcribing Milly Harris’s travel diaries which date between late 1890’s to early 1900’s,” she added.

The diaries contain a treasure trove of historical information about international travel, customs, politics, and more.

“The questions we have are endless. There will always be more to learn through such carefully kept documents.”

What better way to contribute to historic research than through a 1920s themed party?

Eldon House London Ontario
The gorgeous grounds of Eldon House. Photo by Joe O’Neil.

Glimpse the 1920s in a beautiful summer garden and support London’s historic Eldon house this Saturday, July 20th from 7:00-10:00pm.

Tickets are available on the Eldon House website.

Feature photo by Joe O’Neil.



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