Don’t rain on our parade!

Rain didn’t stop the party during the 24th annual London Pride Parade on Sunday, July 29, 2018.

The booms of thunder were barely heard over the music and cheers during the largest Pride parade on record yet. Over 130 organizations were represented in the parade.

Beginning at Western Fair, the parade travelled down Queens Ave, before heading north on Waterloo St to Dufferin Ave and Wellington St, ending at Victoria Park for Pride in the Park, featuring performances, vendors and, more.

A small number of religious protesters set up near the intersection of Wellington St and Dufferin Ave. Parade attendees put up their own signs next to them saying “Love is love!” and “God said Adam and Eve, so I did them both” and the protesters were largely drowned out with the crowd chanting “Love wins!” and “Love not hate!”

View the pictures below:



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