Pacanomad, is a powerhouse in the London music scene, fronted by the soulful vocals of Chantel Rivard. Their sound is filled with soul, and it transports you to a dream state in which you can’t help but move your hips.

The alt-rock/alt-soul band is a foursome comprised of: Nick Cifaldi (Guitar), Dave Ball (Bass), Zack Stewart (Drums), and Rivard (vocals).

Meet Pacanomad. (L-R) Nick Cifaldi (Guitar), Zack Stewart (Drums), Dave Ball (Bass), and Chantel Rivard (vocals).
Meet Pacanomad. (L-R) Nick Cifaldi (Guitar), Zack Stewart (Drums), Dave Ball (Bass), and Chantel Rivard (vocals).

They released their first full-length album, Take It Slow, in November of 2017. From the raw funk of Raspberry Jam, to the uptempo Dreamchaser – Pacanomad takes you on a smooth ride, reminiscent of a cloud filled night in a hallowed jazz bar.

On Feb. 10, LondonFuse will be hosting a local music show: Page To Stage – featuring Pacanomad with other local talents. This is your chance to witness that soulful, mystification for yourself.

We sat down with the band to talk crystal ball predictions, curry, and records.

What is the story behind the name? We think it’s from a pack of nomads…..

We’d like to say a mystical alpaca met us in our dreams and brought it to us…but you’re not wrong. Zack mispronounced “Pack of Nomads” and here we are.

What is the origin story of Pacanomad?

Nick (guitar) and Chantel (singer) were writing together and looking for people to play with. Dave (bass) and Zack (drums) were both working with Nick at Long and McQuade at the time and it all just worked out, which is pretty crazy. We all work really well together and have similar tastes.  Not to mention our love and view of music is really in line with each other

Do any (or all) band member share a hidden talent?

Dave is an awesome cook, Nick makes a mean lentil curry, and Chantel is good at pairing weird foods together that actually taste good…apparently we all think we’re foodies


What is Pacanomad’s hidden gem in London?

We would have to say either True Taco or the Vietnamese restaurant. Both have amazing food and have fueled many pre-show eats.

What would we find in each member’s record player right now?

Chantel: Right now Otis Redding’s The Soul Album is in there. It’s my go to for cooking/wine drinking.

Zack: Anderson Paak’s Malibu, so addicting.

Nick:Hiatus Kaiyote-Choose your weapon

Dave:John Hurt-Mississip

If each one of you had to listen to one record for the rest of your lives, which one would it be?

Chantel: That’s a super hard question…Probably Hiatus Kaiyote’s Choose your Weapon. There’s always something new to hear and experience. I can’t see it getting old.

Zack: Kind of Blue by Miles Davis, it’s a classic and every time I listen I hear something new.

It's hard to choose just one record for life, but Pacanomad's picks are pretty solid.
It’s hard to choose just one record for life, but Pacanomad’s picks are pretty solid.

Nick: Donny Hathaway Live

Dave: London Calling-The Clash

What is the dream venue?

There are so many amazing places we would love to play, but I think we narrowed it down to The Ryman or Red Rocks

Any pre-show rituals? Anything weird and wonderful we should know about Pacanomad?

Nothing too weird but I’d say beer and grub can be quite wonderful.

Which animals least describe the members?

No one had any idea where to start with this but so far we came up with a flamingo, a squirrel, a fish…and crickets (because someone didn’t answer that lol). This was actually a hard one. Curveball, well played.

What does the future hold for the band? Has the crystal ball given some exciting predictions?

We are currently working on our next album. We have lots of songs in the works, which we are super excited about.

Right now we’re just really focusing on the music and getting it ready to record.

Come on out February 10th to support Pacanomad, and other local talents! You can find Pacanomad on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @Paconomad and their website.



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