Radio Western has been a recognizable and integral part of the campus community for more than 58 years.

This Monday, Feb. 5, students will have the chance to help guarantee the station’s continuation of diverse and quality student content.

The USC is holding a referendum to decide the future of the amount of support Radio Western will receive from annual student ancillary fees.

The current amount Radio Western receives is $12.47, with the referendum deciding whether this amount remains as-is, or reduced to $10.50, $7.47 or $5.

Radio Western is urging students to vote for the $10.50 option, as any of the lower options won’t allow the station to provide the same level of quality content and services to listeners and volunteers alike.

Currently, CHRW provides extensive volunteer opportunities to over 400 volunteers, as well as training in areas like marketing, newscasting, music production, and broadcasting.

The station is also a platform for student creators to host their own podcasts, show their own music, and voice their opinions about community and campus issues.

The referendum is not only about a reduction in student ancillary fees, but also about providing a recursive space for fostering student expression and free speech.

Students – On Feb. 5 make a choice to support campus arts and expression.

Vote for the $10.50 option.


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