Have you ever wanted to find the hidden gems of your neighbourhood all in one place? Well, we might just have what you need.

We’re very excited to introduce the LondonFuse Directory! Made possible by the City of London’s Community Grant Program, this Directory highlights London, Ontario neighbourhoods, and all the amazing shopping, dining, arts, culture, and recreation experiences they offer. This Directory encourages Londoners and visitors alike to be a tourist in the Forest City, to see the plethora of things available with an emphasis on independent businesses and organizations.

As well, stay tuned for an array of “Best Of” content that will highlight so many of these local institutions, in neighbourhoods all over London. 

Let’s explore…

Peruse the categories to create your treasure map for London, whether it’s thrift shopping from one end of the city to another, creating your own neighbourhood pub crawl, getting your arts and culture intake, seeing the world one restaurant at a time, or getting back to nature with the incredible parks and greenspaces that define London’s neighbourhoods. 

Looking for something in particular? Click on the “Explore” tab at the top right and from there you can search for what you’re looking for filtered by business name, category, or neighbourhood. Plus, you can take a look at our “Fuse Gems” by clicking the box on the lower left portion of the screen (pictured below).

These Gems highlight all of the wonderful independent and unique businesses and organizations that make London so appealing. Although we have included a wide variety of what London has to offer (including commercial centres, shopping malls, services, and some chains), these Fuse Gems illustrate all the ways you can support small businesses, while supporting the London economy all together!

Map out your treasure hunt!

Another way you can digitally traverse the Forest City, is by clicking the “Map” tab on the upper right side of the screen as well. From here, you may continue to filter your listings through the same criteria above, but zoom in and out on the map to get a visual representation of the neighbourhood you’re looking to explore. 

The LondonFuse Directory is a living and breathing document that will change and evolve as our City does. If you see a correction that needs to be made, you can click the “Report” button on an individual listing and let us know what needs to be changed. As well, if you see something we may have missed, you may submit the listing yourself or drop us a line at info@londonfuse.ca and we’ll get it all set up. 


Lastly, we’d like to point out that as London continues to grow, it’s a City of many neighbourhoods as well as even more smaller communities in those neighbourhoods. On the Directory’s front page, you can scroll down to see buttons for all of the neighbourhoods listed. However, some of those small communities have been grouped into North, South, East, and West London so all amenities are still searchable, they are just amalgamated into those larger regions. Again though, if you have feedback or a suggested change/addition, drop us a line and we’ll be sure to review it! 

Get on out there!

We hope you enjoy exploring the LondonFuse Directory and we hope that this treasure map helps encourage you to be a tourist in your own City! We do encourage you to have a look at the individual social media accounts or contact information associated with different listings for the most up to date information on their COVID-19 precautions. 

So get out there, London! Be kind, be safe, and definitely enjoy everything this City has to offer!

We want this to be the best it can be so if you can take a moment to fill out this survey on your experience so we can continue improving the LondonFuse Directory, we would greatly appreciate it!



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