London’s packed with talent — there’s no doubt about it.

As we embrace the expression of love in various ways with Pride celebrations in London, we also recognize the beauty of how love manifests — especially through the medium of art. In this particular case, we’re looking at music.

Here are nine London musicians from the LGBTQ+ introducing themselves to you and waving the flag high and proud for this month’s Pride celebrations!

Jesse Grant

Jesse Grant (he/him or they/them) is a transgender bisexual musician whose name is recognizable in the local indie music circuit. He’s been involved in the London music scene for nearly ten years, formerly with popROM, Craterheart, and The Dorothy Parker Band. 

Musician Jesse Grant is sitting on the floor with a guitar in the their lap. They are smiling at the camera.
Jesse Grant. Photo by Callum Furneaux.

Grant plays bass with In a Bag, an alt-rock band formed during their time at Fanshawe College’s Music Industry Arts program. They recently released their first single – a cover of Men Without Hats’ “Safety Dance” – to much local praise. You can find their energetic and fun cover of the iconic 80s classic on all their streaming platforms.

They have some original music coming very soon — so stay tuned!

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Victor Quinlan

Victor Quinlan is an acoustic songwriter and cover artist from London, ON.


He counts notable artists such as Against Me!, Gregory Alan Isakov, and Sara Bareilles among his influences. Victor has been featured on Rainbow Radio at CHRW 94.9, CBC Radio, Strange Fire Magazine, and he is a frequent performer at Pride festivals.

Victor Quinlan is standing at a microphone and singing while playing guitar.
Victor Quinlan. Photo by Ash Cormier.

In 2018, Victor Quinlan supported Rae Spoon and Respectfulchild in London during their Bodiesofwater release tour. He also performed at Fierte Montreal (Montreal Pride). 

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Petra Joan Donati

Petra Joan Donati is a professional bassist with over 40 years of experience working in the music industry, mainly as a cover artist. She started with and continues to play classical guitar. She is transgender, and she is widely embraced for her contributions to the music community.

Bassis Petra Joan Donati is performing on stage.
Petra Joan Donati. Photo by AllStage.

She cites all genres of music as an influence on her creativity, and she has developed a unique style and technique when it comes to playing bass. Donati is currently working with Yannis Cappa. She is also the Entertainment Director for Pride London Festival.

Kay Howl

Please give Kay Howl a warm welcome, as she is new to London. However, she is no stranger to the music industry,

Musician Kay Howl is standing at a keyboard and singing.
Kay Howl. Photo by Dan Boshart.

Howl is a dueling pianist, “playing the keys and belting out the hits” (as she puts it) at breweries and wineries in Canada and throughout the American Midwest. She is also a member of the Windsor-based group, S’Aints, which features Jeff Burrows of The Tea Party and Kelly Hoppe of Big Sugar.

When she’s not behind the keys, Howl is a singer/songwriter who recently released her brand new album, Pink Trees. She will also travel to Europe this fall, accompanying Sarah Smith on keys and bass.

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Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith is a Singer / Songwriter / Rocker from London, ON who recently relocated to Pender Island, BC with her partner, Lesley, and their dog, Bron. She is a full-time touring artist, performing all over Canada, the United States, Europe and The Caribbean.

Sarah Smith playing guitar on stage.
Sarah Smith. Photo by Dan Boshart.

She is known for spreading her contagious energy to every stage she graces. Whether it’s just her and her acoustic guitar or her full band, she is a mesmerizing performer. Check out her website for all of her music and touring dates. See for yourself why Sarah has been awarded over 25 Canadian Independent Music Awards and won the hearts of people all over the world!

Her newest EP, Sarah Smith & The Lovers of London, was released this June.

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DJ Kevin Evans

Born Stephen D’Amelio, DJ Kevin Evans has been active since 1997. He is an openly gay award-winning open format DJ, music producer, promoter, graphic designer, former radio host, and current president of Pride London Festival.

DJ Kevin Evans smiles and looks to the side, wearing a baseball cap and a pair of headphones.
DJ Kevin Evans.

He has been featured on Rogers Media, CTV, London Free Press, Casa Mag and CBC. His single, “Shameless,” reached over 10,000 streams in its first month of release and subsequently led to developing many partnerships within the drag community.

DJ Kevin Evans has worked with many artists, including Donald Glaude, Overwerk, Deko-Ze, Lazy Rich, Chiclet, and Denis Benson, among many others. 2019 saw him win Best Club DJ at the Forest City London Music Awards. He also DJed for the Toronto Raptors for their closing Playoff Game 4.

DJ Kevin Evans has performed at pride events and festivals Canada-wide. He continues to play virtually for his clients.

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Strange Breed

Hailing from London, Ontario, Strange Breed is more than just a performer – he defies convention.

He is a member of the LGBTQ+ community, living a bisexual polyamorous lifestyle, which is a focal point of his music and reflected in his overall message as an artist. 

Rapper Strange Breed is standing in a tunnel, looking intensely at the camera.
David Sission aka Strange Breed. Photo by Taylor Wetton.

Strange Breed’s creativity takes many forms, encompassing drumming, singer-songwriting, emceeing, poetry, and comic book publishing. Like a comic book character, he possesses the power of non-stop creativity.

Strange Breed also is the winner of Best Hip Hop Artist at the 2021 Forest City London Music Awards.

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Kate Channer

Kate Channer is an experienced professional rock performer with elements of pop, punk, and rockabilly. She presents a commanding stage and will carry you with her powerful unique rock n roll voice and musical talent through original music and cover tunes.

Kate Channer looks at the camera.
Kate Channer. Photo by Dawn Johnson.

Kate released her first album, ‘Revived,’ in 2017 and a second album, ‘Long Roads Ahead,’ in 2019. She is writing new material and hopes to get back in the studio this year to release a third album for 2021.

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Lori Girard

Lori Girard is the energetic and passionate frontwoman for the London rock band Askher. Playing covers and her catchy while blunt original songs, Askher has played London’s pride festival for more than a decade. Lori Girard is a proud bisexual singer-songwriter, mom, and teacher. 

Musician Lori Girard is sitting at a diner table and looking to the left, smiling.
Lori Girard. Photo by Michelle Levasseur.

Girard runs a queer-straight alliance at Central Elgin Collegiate in St Thomas. The alliance has been active for almost 20 years to help youth find a safe space to use their voice and unite.

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