If you had asked Musical Theatre Production’s President, Joe Recchia “What’s the dream?” three years ago, he would have told you “Keeping MTP afloat.”

But now, MTP is transitioning into something new, something very exciting.

For the first time ever, they will be performing four shows this year.

MTP Productions
Lori Girard and cast members singing together during rehearsal.

MTP is currently the only community theatre dedicated exclusively to amateur musicals. Traditionally, the company only produces two big musicals per year – one in the fall and one in the spring – with extravagant sets, and large casts.

However, over the past couple of years MTP has been in a transition phase, moving from large lavish musicals, to smaller, intimate venues with a variety of shows.

The real goal, Recchia said, is to share all forms of musical theatre with the London community, including new shows and less well-known. Don’t worry all you “classics” fans, there will still be room for the big, popular, well-known shows too.

All over town

This year’s season – aptly titled “Painting the Town” – offers four shows at four different venues: Time Warp: 50 Years of the Rock Musical at the Aeolian, Lovelash at the ARTS Project, The Light in the Piazza at the McManus Stage and finally, Broadway to the Max at The Wave. When asked about the venue choices, Recchia explained that each venue felt particularly appropriate for the respective shows.

MTP Productions
Cast members rehearse with the band for MTP’s 2017 season.

The Aeolian is an iconic music space in London – perfect for a concert-style show such as Time Warp: 50 Years of the Rock Musical. Time Warp will be taking over the cabaret spot in this year’s season. Rather than a traditional cabaret, however, audience members will feel like they’re attending a rock concert.

Lovelash is a brand new show that is being showcased here in London by local artist Terence Vince. What better place to foster new art than The ARTS Project? Recchia described The ARTS Project as the home of new art in London.

The third show of the season, The Light in the Piazza, is set at the McManus. This is one of the bigger shows of the season. For the last three years, MTP has been showcasing their larger shows on the McManus Stage creating a more intimate experience for the audience.

Finally, Broadway to the Max will be going home again after 26 years. This show first opened at Western’s The Wave back when it was called The Max, making it the perfect way to end the 2017-2018 season.

Lights, curtain, screamo?

Time Warp: 50 Years of the Rock Musical opens on Nov. 8 for a three-day run. It showcases 26 local singers in a chronological concert of musical theatre rock songs. From Hair to Dear Evan Hansen, each singer has their moment to shine. Director Lia Karidas, shared her excitement of the cast’s enthusiasm.

“They dived in head first!” she said.

MTP Productions
Henry Truong with his keytar.

This show blends the music scene and the musical theatre scene seamlessly. There are performers who excel at Motown, screamo, and everything in between.

When asked what the most exciting thing about the show was, Karidas laughed.

“Did I mention the keytar?”

In all seriousness, this show is custom built for its performers, with some audience surprises thrown in. There are a couple of very exciting numbers from big well-known musicals that have been kept secret, so don’t miss out.

Get your tickets here: http://aeolianhall.ca/events/


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