Is there anything better than music to cast off the winter blues?

A new concert series is taking place this month at the Taproot in OEV, aptly titled the Midwinter Music Series. Fuse caught up with organizer Hillary Watson for a Q’n’A about the series itself, and why you need to get yourself there.

FUSE: Where did the idea for the music series come about?

HW: We were inspired by the Danish concept, “hygge” meaning a feeling of contentment and coziness. For many, this time of year can be a little challenging. It’s been cold for a few months, there isn’t a lot of sunlight, and it can be hard to get out of the house and socialize.

We believe that the Taproot venue is the perfect place to cultivate feelings of “hygge” and pull people out of the midwinter slump. The rustic wooden floors of Taproot offer a beautiful and inclusive stage where the audience can feel like they are immersed in the music. We also wanted to offer another option of something to do on a Saturday night in the Old East Village. An affordable reason to get out of the house and support local music.

How did the partnership with the Root Cellar/Taproot take shape?

I’ve got deep roots in the local music scene as a member of The Pairs, and Ellie Cook (Root Cellar co-owner) has wanted to see Taproot utilized for more local music events, so the series was inevitable, really!

The purpose of Taproot is to take The Root Cellar’s mission of supporting local food and extend that to supporting local art, music and culture. Specifically, it’s important to us to offer live music events in a way that supports both the artist and the venue, and with Tapped In we’re excited to bring all these elements together into one series.

What were you looking for when choosing artists for the bill?

The lineup for this series is; Saturday January 19 – Cameron Jericho (London) and Tragedy Ann (Guelph), Saturday January 26 – Jacob Martins (London) and Jordan Macdonald (London), Saturday February 2 – Annie Sumi (Guelph) and String Bone (Stratford).

We were looking to book local or “close-by” musicians, offering them an intimate venue to share their music. We also wanted to book music that made sense for the space. Acoustic indie or folk that would fill our little venue and provide a live music experience that feels like a warm hug on a midwinter’s night.

Any special menu items for the Midwinter menu?

Along with our usual lineup of big colourful organic salads and wraps, we’re currently focusing on sourdough pizza utilizing local cheese and organic ingredients. Pizza is the ultimate celebratory food, so we feel it’s perfect to get us through these long winter evenings.

What can people expect from a night at the Midwinter Music Series?

Local! Local music, local food and local drink. Also, the intent is for the people attending the Tapped In series to experience “Hygge”. We want you to leave feeling uplifted, content, and your spirit warmed.

Why a three-part series?

All the best things come in threes! A three-course meal, three-piece suits, the Hanson Brothers and the Tapped In: Midwinter Music Series! But really, it seemed like a doable, easily marketable number. Hopefully, if someone can’t make it to one or two of the nights than they can make it to the third!

Is this a one-off event or are there plans for more? Mid-Spring/Mid-Summer?

There are certainly plans for more music in Taproot! You can follow The Root Cellar on Facebook and Instagram and we will be sure to let everyone know what’s in store! @rootcellarldn

In five words, tell us why we need to go:

Let’s get through winter together!

Get your tickets here.


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