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LondonFuse Media Requests

Hello! Thank you for visiting londonfuse.ca. We are a local publication that promotes arts and culture in London, Ontario and beyond.

This media request form is to be used by our public to request coverage of an event or an interview request.

One thing to note is that our contributors to londonfuse.ca are volunteers and so we cannot guarantee that your event (however exciting it may be) will be covered by LondonFuse.

In order to simplify things, here is a list of events and requests we typically cover for londonfuse.ca and a list of events we do not cover:

What we do not cover:

  • your company party – ask yourself “Is this something that needs to be shared via a local publication or is this something we can share on our own social media?” Try Snap’d London for this if you still want someone to cover it
  • A gala or awards show that isn’t for the general public – if this is your company awards show or a ticketed event for purposes that are not supporting the ARTS or CULTURE in London, we are not the organization you are looking for
  • Business functions such as networking events – sometimes networking events have great food and drink to offer, but it’s not in our wheelhouse. We are a publication that promotes arts and culture in London, Ontario and beyond.

What we do cover:

  • Opening of a new business such as a restaurant/bar/cafe/club/boutique-y shop/food truck/gallery, etc – yes, this is exciting to our readers and what they come to LondonFuse.ca for
  • Interview requests for artists / musicians / business owners – while there is no guarantee this can be conducted in time for your grand opening / exhibit / show, we are interested in speaking to and/or photographing these people
  • Fun events such as street parties / festivals / music and art shows / Dj nights at a nail salon / weird and fun things that add to London’s cultural scene – let us help you promote your thing! And let our contributors join the fun!

Everything else:

Perhaps your event or request doesn’t fit into the items we’ve listed above. In that case, send us a drive link with your photos in and a short description. We are happy to share photos and event coverage online if you give us your organization’s original photos with text (who is in the photo – what is happening and the name of the photographer). That way, your event is covered and shared via londonfuse.ca channels!

Send those photos to info@londonfuse.ca with jpeg photos, text for images and photographer’s name as well as the name of the event.

Thank you!


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