The last day of June was so hot it must’ve had global warming skeptics rethinking their position. Regardless, the heat didn’t stop people across the world from marching against this pressing cause – family separations.

I’m sure most know by now but to recap, the United States recently adopted a zero-tolerance policy toward those caught crossing the US-Mexico border without legal documentation. This policy led to children being separated from their families and kept in caged facilities. On June 30, we came together in many corners of the world to march against the heinous ongoings of the Trump administration.

March on London organized the protest at Victoria Park and it had a fantastic turnout, especially for this sweaty Saturday afternoon.

Some may question why these marches are happening in countries that are not affected by the policy. The purpose of the march for Londoners, and for others across Canada, is to emphasize the worldwide condemnation of the policy and to send a message to our own government – we will not tolerate the development of a fascist regime.

On June 20, Trump signed an executive order to stop separations and, instead, detain families together. This was acknowledged at the London march, but organizers say we should continue to demonstrate because families are still being imprisoned and this is far from the end.

I spoke with several of the fellow marchers but one statement stood out to me.

“I keep telling people this isn’t and shouldn’t be a political statement. It’s simple – children are being separated from their families.”

See photos from the march below:




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