Here’s a duo that are taking not only London, Ontario but the world by storm. Their sound is a mix of slow-building electronic music created with tape loops and a beat maker. Add to that the heavenly (and classically trained) voice of singer, Alice Hanson and baby, you got a stew going.

They’re called You’ll Never Get To Heaven, an ironically pessimistic name for such lovely sounds coming from Charles Blazevic and Alice Hanson, natives of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

What to say about their music:

“It’s like dream pop and a skateboard documentary had a one-night stand, got pregnant and the kid turned out great! I’d go on a road trip with it.”

Little Zachy Gray is one of those people you can underestimate. Sorry Zach! But he really doesn’t tout his successes or talent the way people usually do when they create beautiful, textured, intricate music.

Zach’s sound is a collage of electronic music and a heartbeat. He uses samples in an almost broken way. Those broken sounds meld nicely into a growing wall that consumes you and you can (and will) get lost in that world.

What to say about his music: “I got high and put a tape in the deck and listened to it disintegrate as I watched the sun set…Zach Gray…”

His album ‘Night Hustle’ is free to listen to on bandcamp but he also has a limited edition of 50 CDs (that’s COMPACT DISCS) from local label A Person Disguised As People which are available to purchase now.


Yes, we know the Museum is enormous. And it’s more like a gallery than a museum but right now there is a dope exhibit of London artists dating back to the early 1900s as well as big, cartoon-y Brian Jones pieces in the main gallery.

What to say about ML:

“I went into the Museum and I touched the frame of a Curnoe. I’m never washing this hand again. Look! There’s gum stuck to it and I don’t care!”

For something on the completely opposite side of the local art spectrum, you should check out Carl Louie if you haven’t. They host smaller names than the museum but show no less enthusiasm for their artists. Currently on exhibit is a show by Erika Vogt and Kenneth Tam.

What to say about Carl Louie: “I went to Montreal this weekend! On Clarence Street in London Ontario.”


London’s last art house theatre keeps a consistent string of not-in-major-theatres movies rolling in. After a fantastic run of Jackie, Oscar-grabbing Moonlight, and Almodovar’s latest Julieta in one week it’d be hard to beat. But it’s never a bad idea to go to the Hyland. Best bets this week are Fences and Kedi (a documentary starring the street cats of Istanbul!)

What to say about Hyland Cinema: “What’s that? You went to a multiplex for a $48 3-D movie in a mall? I just walked to Wharncliffe to catch a midnight screening of Edward Scissorhands last night, so…” (advance to Next Level Hipster).

Check out Hyland Cinema’s list of movies here and don’t forget to follow retro-mania at the Hyland for their midnight screenings of a classic cult movie each month.


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