London indie-rockers, Lost in Japan, are releasing their first full-length album this month, kicking it off with a release show at Rum Runners Oct. 5 before taking the show on the road.

With a number of singles and videos already released this year, Lost in Japan’s momentum shows no signs of slowing down.

Earlier this year, the band took first prize at the Made in London showcase, and have been quite busy since. How busy? Read on…

Winning the Made in London showcase provided you the cash to record an album. What other doors has it opened for you?

The Made in London showcase was a huge opportunity for us! We were able to record three songs at EMAC Studios with our winners and wow what an experience. It was great to get in there and record along side our professors from Fanshawe and apply what we learnt in school to our career.

If you haven't heard Lost in Japan, you soon will. The boys are releasing their first full-length album Oct. 5.
If you haven’t heard Lost in Japan, you soon will. The boys are releasing their first full-length album Oct. 5.

The showcase also allowed us to get onto Classic Rock 98.1 FM and share our music with so many more people from London, so that was really awesome for us.

Were you surprised at the win, going up against bands that were longer-established?

We were definitely very surprised by the win considering we were going up against some really amazing London talent. It was a big milestone for the band.

What is your cross-Canada tour gearing up to look like? How many stops will you be making?

Some things were changed around for this upcoming tour so we will be staying in Ontario and Quebec. For the Album release tour we will have 13 dates in total, we will be releasing a tour poster very soon. But for next summer we will be hitting the road and going further then we ever have before.

What goals have you set for yourselves for the tour?

A big goal of ours is to bring in a bigger crowds to our shows and really make connections with fans, other bands and venues. But most of all we are looking forward to having a lot of fun while playing our music all around the province.

What other promotions are you planning for the album?

We have released 4 singles and 3 music videos as of right now after the tour we will release a fourth music video. We have Casa London doing a ticket giveaway for us. And of course the tour!

Your bandcamp page says songs are written almost daily. Is that still the case?
Also, who writes what?

Recently we have been focused more on practicing and and preforming gearing up for our tour. But we always put time into new song ideas and seeking to improve our writing skills. Addison often comes to the band with a rough song idea and structure, from there we will jam it out and everyone will write their parts around the initial idea.

Lost in Japan's self-titled album is their first full-length.
Lost in Japan’s self-titled album is their first full-length.

We all share our ideas for changes and we work it out from there. Other times one of us will come up with a riff on guitar or bass or even a drum beat and the song will be taken from there.

How did you come up with the concept for the video for Don’t Want to Let Go?

We were working with an amazing team to help us with our first music video, Adam Caplan and Sammy Roach were huge in making the video come to life. We had a meeting with them and Adam pitched the idea to us of getting a bunch of local London bands to partake in our music video, we immediately loved the community aspect of the idea and thought it was great!

Where do you see yourselves a year from now?

We hope to be touring pretty consistently, we hope the album does well and allows us to start to play with bigger bands and hopefully lead us to getting onto some more festival dates. We also are hoping to have more new material coming out as soon as possible. Over all we just want to share our music with as many people as we can and just have a good time doing what we are passionate about.


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