It has been a glorious, Grickle-y decade in London, ON…

Grickle Grass is one of the most celebrated, unique, and downright enchanting events this town has ever seen. It’s hard to believe it has been 10 years of daytime fun in the sun and night time shenanigans in the dino caves. This year, and specifically this Saturday June 1, we say goodbye to this cherished time of revelry but the incredible memories made will satiate the ongoing desire to be where the Grickle Grass grows.

As a means to get amped up for this Saturday’s festivities, and to celebrate and congratulate all parties involved on a job incredibly well done over the years, let’s take a look back on Grickles of the past. With heavy hearts but undying admiration, we’ll bid you farewell Grickle, but not without one hell of a party first!

Check out these photos spanning many years, captured by several people in the LondonFuse fam, and if you haven’t yet, grab your tickets right here!

Feature photo by Troy Biliski



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