For the love of food and London’s finest…

Here at LondonFuse, we love food. Like, REALLY love food. And what do we love even more? Delicious, interesting, unexplored, brand new food options! And the best part is, we’re all in luck because there have been some incredible establishments opening their doors as of late and we’ve been on the move trying any and all of them.

We’ve also taken the liberty of compiling your resto to-do list so that you’re in the know and can get on trying each and every one of these. Here goes!

1- Aroma of India

In our humble opinion, London’s got some killer Indian restaurants, especially in the downtown core. So, we’re extremely excited to add another one to the list! Aroma of India opened it’s doors at 350 Dundas Street a few months back and people have come in droves.

Aroma of India London Ontario
Exactly what you wanted today? We thought so. Photo via

This new London gem “encompasses a wide variety of regional cuisines native to India [and] combines the ancient with the modern and take you down the path to losing yourself in the exotic flavours of India.” And we’re really happy they do! Get goin’ citizens!

2- Roli Poli

Starting as a food truck (and garnering rave reviews), Roli Poli opened its doors at 484 Richmond Street in May 2017 and is London’s first “hand rolled” ice cream shop.

Roli Poli London Ontario
Have you ever seen anything like it, the beauty! Photo via Instagram / @rolipolirolls

If you haven’t been there yet… go! Because you can be sure, all those photos your friends are posting on Instagram and Snapchat, yeah, it tastes as good as it looks.

3- Korean Express

It feels like this little nugget popped up out of nowhere… and we couldn’t be happier it did! Korean Express is pleasing even the toughest critics at its 346 Richmond Street location serving up the finest in traditional Korean and Japanese cuisine.

Korean Express London Ontario
Need, need, need! Photo via Facebook / @kexpresslondon

You may not expect to find samosas under that description but they sure are there, and we highly recommend you snag one. Get it while it’s hot, Londy!

4- Renato’s

Having taken over the space from one of London’s longest running restaurants, The Toddle Inn, Renato’s is definitely living up to the standard. Bringing you classic Italian dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, only happy campers depart from their 640 Richmond Street establishment.

Renatos London Ontario
Classic perfection. What could be better? Photo via Instagram / @Renatos_Restaurant

And by the way, if you’re looking for a new brunch spot, look no further than Renato’s!

5- Haven’s Creamery

Yes, it’s true! More new, delicious, locally made ice cream just in time for summer… score. The verdict on Haven’s Creamery? It’s amazing. Word has traveled fast around town that this “handmade, batch-by-batch” ice cream is exactly what you need in your life. Get down to 226 Piccadilly Street, fast.

Havens Creamery London Ontario
Yes please! Photo via Facebook / @havenscreamery

Btw, the rumours are true: They do in fact have cereal milk flavoured ice cream. Mmmhmmm.

6- Growing Chefs! Ontario HQ

You’ve known and loved Growing Chefs! Ontario for many years. But, what some of you may not know is that the GC Crew moved into the old Auberge du Petit Prince location at 458-460 King Street at the beginning of this year. Although they are still first and foremost a training facility, they also offer monthly events such as Sunday Dinners (last Sunday of the month), outdoor barbecues, venue rentals with catering and more!

Growing Chefs London Ontario
You didn’t even know you wanted ouvo in raviolo with spinach, nettle, and cheese. Photo via Facebook / @growingchefsontario

Stay tuned to their event calendar for details and get yourself to this beautiful location for some of the most scrumptious food in London!

7- So Inviting

Yes, you’re friends, parents, cousins, teachers, spouses… anyone who has tried So Inviting is exactly correct… IT’S INCREDIBLE! The first of its kind in London, this Chinese bakery and dumpling house opened a mere two weeks ago in the Old East Village at 876 Dundas Street. Word spread fast and now people near and far are hooked.

So Inviting London Ontario
I challenge you to find a more salivation-inducing photo. Photo via Facebook / @SoInvitingOEV

Get on over there and enjoy several different kinds of dumplings and potstickers, a plethora of Chinese baked goods, as well as two of the nicest shop owners you’ll ever meet in your life. Also, if you’re on the run, pick up a few bags of their frozen dumplings and you’ll eat like royalty all week.

Who’s hungry? Let’s get out there and support new local businesses because this city’s full of them.

Psst! Have you been somewhere amazing that has opened up in the last few months in London? Let us know in the comments because we want to try your future suggestion already.

Feature photo (of delicious dumplings, sesame balls, wontons, and special sauce from So Inviting) by Nicki Borland


  1. It’s too bad that some Londoners will be left out and wanting since all 7 of these places are technically inaccessible to those with disabilities, in particular those who use a wheelchair and of course, wide wheelchairs or scooters need not bother in a lot of them. While some might have a ramp, none of this was mentioned in the article, and “So Inviting” is not so much so considering that it did a complete reno and is not AODA compliant in any way shape or form having and outer step as well as steps inside the building. If you are going to insist on giving reviews of the place could you please do disabled Londoners a favour and try to remember to ask about the accessibility of these places so you can at least warn us that there could be issues if we try to waste our time going to visit them?

    • Hi Chris,

      You’re absolutely right, this information is extremely important for so many people in London and beyond. It’s a great idea for us to include accessibility info in future articles and I’ll see to it we do. I cannot speak to any individual restaurant’s architectural/design choices, that’s outside of my realm of expertise and would have to be taken up with them. If you’d like to discuss this topic further or anything else related to how we can be increasingly inclusive and aware, contact me anytime at

    • Hi Chris, Thank you so much for your comment and I am so sorry to hear that. We definitely welcome EVERYBODY to our shop and do our best to serve Londoners better. The space is too small to make ramp for wheelchairs.
      We will put our menu on the facebook and I can bring it to you in front of the door if you like with 15% off on all of the products including the frozen dumplings which we normally don’t give discount due to a small portion of profit. I hope to hear you again and enjoy the healthy food.

      • Excellent response and great customer service. I’m definitely going to try your restaurant to support your business and amazing awareness of customer needs!

  2. I had dinner tonight at the Korean Express at 346 Richmond. The food is excellent. Good portions also. The owner was there and waited on me and my date. A very personable individual. Very helpful with explanations. Always with a smile. If you like Korean food or want to try Korean food, this is the place to go. You won’t be sorry.


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