Some artists write about the world around them. Some place themselves in different worlds.

For London singer-songwriter Chase Drew, the process is far more introspective. For him, songwriting is about capturing feelings.

“My songs are about self-reflection and what happens to me,” he says. “I transfer these feelings into what it would be like if they were sound.”

Those feelings – and those sounds – are resonating with listeners.

Drew recently released a video for his single, Airlines, and in a very short time has garnered more than 30,000 views on youtube.

Living hungry

The video was produced by Hungry Boy Productions, who connected with Drew over Instagram.

After meeting with Hungry Boy’s Nick Pilecki, the idea for a video was cemented. The only question was, which song?

Drew said he chose Airlines for the video on the request of producer Eric Altomonte.

Going from indie phone videos to something fully produced took some adjustment.

Drew already has an impressive repertoire of videos online, taken from live performances and songs recorded at home. Shooting Airlines, however, was a different challenge altogether.

“At first I was really nervous – the director was in charge of everything,” he said. “Usually when I shoot my home videos I’m in charge.

“Having someone in charge of everything was really comforting.”

An instant hit

When the video for Airlines hit 1000 views, Drew was pleased but not entirely surprised. He and his friends and the music community at large helped him promote it.

“We pushed it really hard out of the gate at the release,” he said. “I made everyone take out their phones and share it.”

However, a week later and Airlines hit 30,000 views. That, he said, was a real shocker. However, when you have a great song and a great video, it quickly catches on. As Drew puts it, “Positivity attracts positivity.”

Breaking into the music scene in London was something of an orgranic process for the 20-year old artist. After a couple early shows at 765 Old East Bar & Grill and Norma Jean’s, he was contacted by Break Loose Entertainment about doing a few shows with them.

His philosophy is simple – try to do something different. Try to be something unique.

“When someone hears something and says ‘Wow that’s original,’ – that’s what’s different in my opinion.”

In the works

Fans of Chase Drew can look forward to his first album release in February, 2018. The album, titled It Followed Me Home, explores the many ways in which life experiences can shape you as a person.

It’s a fitting theme, considering making music is also therapeutic for him. It’s a never-ending learning process, he said.

“Keeping things bottled up inside… it’s not good,” he explained. “I try to take a negative experience and turn it into something beautiful – take a different look at everything that happens to you.”

Drew is quick to credit his mentors, Chris McKraken, Adam Foster, and Eric Altomonte for their support during the recording process and beyond.

Meanwhile, as of the time of writing, Airlines has hit more than 37,000 views and the song has also charted in Australia. The single reached number nine on Valley FM 89.5.

Check out Chase Drew’s youtube channel for more great local music.


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