Are you up on your Halloween game?

LondonFuse has prepared a quiz for the H-day lovers among us. We threw some eye of newt and goo of ghost into a pot and came up with 31 questions that test your pop culture knowledge of all things Halloween.

SPOILER ALERT! The answers are included below the quiz. (If you are here because you found the quiz in Short Fuse, skip ahead and thanks for reading!)

1: How many years of funk are in the air in Michael Jackson’s Thriller?
2: Speaking of Thriller, who delivered the monologue referenced above?
3: Which Backstreet Boy is a wolfman in the video for Backstreet’s Back?
4: While we’re on the subject, who played the wolfman in 1941’s The Wolf Man?
5: Which Peanuts character spends Halloween waiting for the Great Pumpkin?
6: What ghoulish fiend chases Ichabod Crane in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow?
7: What does Wolfman have in The Monster Squad that surprises Horace?
8: What are Kerr’s Candy Kisses sweetened with?
9: How many times did Christopher Lee play Dracula on film?
10: The Belmont family is synonymous with which vampire-killing video game franchise by Konami?
11: What does Dracula say when he opens his coffin lid and shakes his fist in the song, The Monster Mash?
12: What country is Transylvania in?
13: What does E.T. dress up as for Halloween?
14: Why is Max able to light the black flame candle in Hocus Pocus?
15: Who is the Addams’ Family butler?
16: What song does Teen Wolf surf to on top of Stiles’ van?
17: What do the witches in Witches turn children into?
18: Who killed the camp counselors in Friday the 13th?
19: What was the name of Ernest P. Worrell’s Halloween flick?
20: What controversial costume landed Prince Harry in hot water?
21: What Canadian comedian shares a name with a famous movie murderer?
22: Who played Dracula in 1992’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula?
23: What was Dr. Frankenstein’s first name in Mary Shelley’s novel?
24: How many times do you have to say his name to summon Beetlejuice?
25: Who is the double-crossing villain in the original Resident Evil?
26: What kind of blood is dumped on Carrie at the prom in Stephen King’s Carrie?
27: Who is the horror writer behind Koko and Shadow Land?
28: What composer created the music for The Nightmare Before Christmas?
29: On that note, who was Jack Skellington’s love?
30: Who wrote the famous Goosebumps series?
31: Name three ghosts from the Casper movie.


1: The funk of 40,000 years
2: Vincent Price
3: Brian Littrell
4: Lon Chaney Jr.
5: Linus
6: The Headless Horseman
7: Nards
8: Molasses
9: 10
10: Castlevania
11: “Whatever happened to my Transylvania Twist?
12: Romania
13: A ghost
14: She’s a virgin
15: Lurch
16: Surfin’ USA
17: Mice
18: Pamela Voorhees (Jason’s mom)
19: Ernest Scared Stupid
20: Nazi officer
21: Michael Myers (from Halloween)
22: Gary Oldman
23: Victor
24: Three
25: Albert Wesker
26: Pig’s blood
27: Peter Straub
28: Danny Elfman
29: Sally
30: R.L. Stine
31: Fatso, Stinkie and Stretch (Casper, too)


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