LondonFUSE TV: Glory Glory Man United @ Grooves Records

Halifax trio, Glory Glory Man United made a special appearance at Grooves Records and tore the place up with some songs off their album Zombies!!!, released on Out of Sound Records. The band added a few new numbers to the set  (there may have been a David Bowie cover in there as well…).

We got a chance to talk to the band about their post-show rituals, awards show attire, stop-motion animation, and plans for a new record. Check out their music at

[Update: We tried to fix some audio issues.]

Glory Glory Man United

With Host:
Chris Martin

Intro by Kyle Mowat

Music by Glory Glory Man United

Filmed by:
Chris Hachey
Chris Martin

Edited by:
Chris Martin

Sound by:
Savanah Sewell
Chris Hachey
Chris Martin

Titles by:
Lucas Stenning


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