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1: Shelby Moves – Allan Rayman

This guy’s voice is absolutely amazing and the lyrics are even better.

2: Tennesee – Allan Rayman

Listen to this song a couple times and you won’t be able to get it out of your head. The play on words make it pretty amazing too.

3: Run Away – Dvsn

The surprise drop after the echos in the intro always gets me – then the little piano piece at the end just makes you wanna jam out.

4: Your Time (ft. KAYTRANADA) – Nick Murphy

“I’m breakin’ all the rules because I’ve got to have you bad.” This one just hits the spot. Everyone has had a point in their lives when they knew someone was bad for them but they kept pursuing them anyway. This song will make you get why you can’t let go of that person – even if none of your friends get it.

5: Prosper – Russ

Just an all-around feel good song. 10/10 would recommend.

6: Heart– Bryn

Bryn is a London based singer-songwriter with a catchy vibe and even doper lyrics. Check her out.

7: Body – Loud Luxury

Loud Luxury is also a London based production/DJ duo and one of the best at that. This song made my friend who absolutely hates dancing – and will never be caught doing it in public – get up and dance. That is all.

8: Life Under Water – Jerry Folk

The chorus of this song is insanely catchy. Would definitely recommend as a morning-getting-ready song.

9: Two Shots – Goody Grace (ft. gnash)

One of the very few Soundcloud rappers that are actually good – just all around good.

10: Summer Bummer – Lana Del Rey (ft. ASAP Rocky)

The way ASAP and Lana’s voice blend together make this song go from good to excellent.

11: Sober II (Melodrama) – Lorde

The production for this song is insane and compliments Lorde’s voice perfectly. The lyrics are also really clever.

12: Ain’t Nobody Taking My Baby – Russ

“Your heart weighs a ton girl, watch me heavy lift.” The lyrics are so comforting and lighthearted.


A lot of important issues are talked about in this song and its really cool the way they use rapping as the medium to communicate that.

14: Live For – The Weeknd (ft. Drake)

The build-up to the chorus of this song is awesome – then the drop makes you wanna sing along while the song plays at full volume.

15: Sleepless – Flume

This song once again proves that Flume is basically his own genre. Extremely well done production and an all-around catchy tune.

16: Tiny Cities – Flume

The drop at 1:50 is what makes this song. It goes from super instrumental and singer-based, to fading out, to a really sick and mellow drop.

17: Feel It – GTA & What So Not

This song reminds me of driving down to the beach in the summer with all the windows rolled down.

18: Go F**K Yourself – Two Feet

This electric guitar and bass in this song is soooooooo amazing. You’ll just wanna close your eyes and feel the music.

19: Say It – Flume (Illenium Remix)

Flume uses this remix of the song during his own sets so, enough said.

20: I Wanna Be Yours – Arctic Monkeys

One of the coolest things is when artists have the ability to give words to a feeling or emotion. This song does that.


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