1: Five To One (Live Version) –  The Doors

I was a late bloomer with The Doors, only listening to LA Woman in passing. While listening to Patti Smith, I had a revelation and needed to devour all The Doors music. Five To One caught my ear in particular, I think it captures Jim’s magnetism.

2: Future Starts Slow – The Kills

Another Alison Mosshart track for her main band, The Kills. Duos have always fascinated me. They have a grit in all their music that I’ve always been fond of.

3: Some Kinda Love – The Velvet Underground

One of my fondest photos I took in Paris, was of advertisements of The Velvet Underground art show. I unearthed it this month and have been listening to them ever since.

4: She’s My Collar – Gorillaz

The best song on the new album.

5: Pet Body – Miya Folick

Satire about sexism in a song.

6: Die By The Drop – The Dead Weather

Jack White and Alison Mosshart. That’s all.

7: Rebel Rebel – David Bowie

I play this song every day.

8: Gameshow – Two Door Cinema Club

I just like it.

9: My Generation – Patti Smith

My muse, queen, idol, Patti! I’ve been reading M Train this month, so naturally Horses has been on repeat. My Generation I think fits this time of year in the political climate.

10: Invisible Men – Trash Panda

I love Pandas. This is a welldone political song, not only for the lyrics but also the sound.

11: Beck + Call – July Talk

July Talk continues to be my favourite Canadian band. The juxtaposition of their vocals, grit, and sound never fail me. They also have a love for black and white visuals, something I take to heart.

12: Drunk – Anteros

A true anthem about the effects of red wine and drunken love.

13: Love You ‘Cause You’re There

Just a simple rocking tune about temporary affection. A fine wrapped anthem of our modern idea of love.

14: Number One – Portugal

I just like it as well.

15: Tyrants – Catfish and the Bottlemen

New wave rock n’ roll – these British gents bring to the music world. They produce just simple rock n’ roll tracks that remind me of the classics. I’ve always been infatuated with their charisma and sound. Tyrants is always the song I play for people who are new to their music. Just solid lads.

16: Pedestrian at Best – Courtney Barnett

Nicki found this record at the record show last year and I am still jealous. My favourite Courtney Barnett track.

17: Daughters – Lissie

In honour of the Women’s March, I blasted this in protest and solidarity for my women/female identifying sisters. Makes me want to punch a sexist and burn my bra, in the very, very best way.

18: Greasy Love – Findlay

Who isn’t?

19: Brick By Brick – Arctic Monkeys

My sister was a wicked cool hippie in the early 2000s. She introduced me to some amazing indie music, Arctic Monkeys being one of them. Their music always reminds me of her at that time. Very nostalgic.

20: Trouble – The New Respects
R&B mixed with some rock. Head banging and hip-swaying track.


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