LondonFuse Launch Party 2017: THANK YOU #ldnont!

How many people does Fuse need to thank for an incredible Launch Party?

Thank you, London!

We had the most incredible time at our Official LondonFuse Launch Party. We sang, we danced, we drank, we ate, and we had THE MOST fun. We met so many wonderful community members and saw many familiar faces as well. We really couldn’t have asked for a better turnout and our hearts are still bursting from all of the support we received.

This truly was a community event because so many people came together to help make it happen. Some very specific mentions must be made, so before you enjoy our silly little video. THANK YOU to:

Our generous partners

To Aeolian Hall! To Clark Bryan, Michael Del Vecchio and (the sound guy of sound guys) Christoph Babin for donating their time, energy, talents, and space to make this event happen. As well, thank you to every single Aeolian Hall volunteer. Without your hard work, know-how, and dedication, we’d be lost!

To Roozbeh Showleh of Runout Records! To the DJ extraordinaire, you kept us dancing all night and without you, the audience would’ve enjoyed a subpar, YouTube playlist including ads, all evening.

To Growing Chefs! Ontario! Your generous donation of delicious foods made for some seriously happy (and full!) campers.

To Boombox Bake Shop! You really take the cake (see what I did there?) for party completion. Your cupcakes pretty much disappeared.

Our supporters for their amazing door prize donations

To Julies Bits and Bobbins! Your surprise bag made for one very happy individual (and other jealous one *haha*)!


To London Local Box: You know someone’s telling all their friends about you!

To The Grickle Grass Festival: Two very lucky people are you going to be counting down the days until the event takes place.

To Aeolian Hall (again!): Many people have some awesome concerts in their futures!

To Hasbeans Coffee: Your gift card donations will see that two people are drinking the best of the best in the coffee world for quite some time!

To Downtown London: Fuse’s own Pat Tiffin is going to be painting the town with those Downtown Dollars!

Our contributors

Without our lovely, volunteer Contributors, LondonFuse would cease to exist. Because of you, we’re able to promote arts and culture in London, Ontario every day. THANK YOU! It was such a joy to see your smiling faces at the party, we LOVE you!

To Sara Chitty, Amanda Fogaca, Chris Hachey, Angela McInnes, Aleks Mack, Tobi Ade, Pat Tiffin, Sammy Roach, Emily Stewart, Sarah Hutchings, Ioulia Krisak, Andyy Scott, Tracy Xie, Tim Limsana, Robin DeAngelis, James Stewart Reaney, Deanne Kondrat, Lisa Rivers, Shiloh Burton, Megan Arnold, Joel Thibert, Nick Scott, and so, so, so many more wonderful people!

Because of you, we’re able to promote arts and culture in London, Ontario every day. THANK YOU! It was such a joy to see your smiling faces at the party, we LOVE you!

To the Fuse Team

A lot has gone into making this new website happen and without every person who has worked tirelessly to do so, it wouldn’t have been possible.

To our Board of Directors: Katie Wilhelm, Kat Kail, Madison Cawker, Pilar Santiago, and Michael Del Vecchio, you always know what’s best for Fuse and we really couldn’t ask for a better team of people at the Fuse helm.

To Pam Haasen: Our fearless leader, without you, Fuse wouldn’t have the vibrant soul it does.

To Harina Mokanan: You’re an absolute delight and help strengthen Fuse as an organization every single day!

To Robb Doyle: You’ve helped make things happen at Fuse we never thought possible and we’re beyond lucky to have you with us!

To Gerard Creces: Without you, our content would be a lot less cheeky and SHORT FUSE would likely be hand drawn… oh and those baseball cards, those baseball cards. Amazing!

To Steve Young: You were an essential ingredient in making our new website happen. You make killer spreadsheets, bring doughnuts at the best times, and your smile lights up the room.

To Courtney Snippe: You wonderful weirdo, you taught us so much in your short time here at Fuse, we’ll never forget your antics and are still awaiting that backyard bonfire!

To Emma Marr: Our lovely intern! You make things happen and get things done with the wisdom of a veteran, we’re so lucky to have you on the team and we really don’t know what we’d do without you.

To Dave Knill: You’re just getting started here at Fuse and we’re so happy about the knowledge and experience you bring with you. We can’t wait to see where it goes!

To Kyle Lederman: You made our new website what it is. Without Grip the Edge, we’re not sure where we’d be. Thank you for being an incredible human being!

To Matt Dupont: You made this video happen at the drop of a hat (war wounds and all) and we’re so, so, so grateful to you for it!

To our funders

The Ontario Trillium Foundation: You’ve believed in us for many years now and we are so grateful. Without the OTF, Fuse wouldn’t have had the opportunity to grow and blossom as it has.

Employment Ontario: To The Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development and ESPECIALLY Paulette Desjardins, the most incredibly badass and infectious individual any of us have had the pleasure of working with.

To our community!

Without every single member of the London community coming out to support our events, reading our content, and generally thinking Fuse is a cool thing (!) we couldn’t do the things we do. Thank you to every single person EVER who has been a part of or contributed to Fuse. You’re helping us make London a better place. One day at a time.

Have we poured our hearts out enough yet? Probably not, we can always lay the love on a little thicker because there’s oh so much of it!

Thank you, London, until next time, BIG LOVE!

Feature photo, a screenshot from the video by Matt Dupont



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