The veggie burger and the garden salad – the two tired, stand-alone options that every vegan has ended up ordering at that place their friends choose…

You’re sick of them.

You want flavour and variety in your life. You no longer want to eat like a rabbit. Ditto. Here are some of London’s restaurants that go beyond your standard vegan burger/salad combo:

Plant Matter Kitchen, Plant Matter Bistro, and Plant Matter Café


Plant Matter Kitchen: 162 Wortley Rd.

Plant Matter Café: 717 Richmond St.

Plant Matter Bistro: 244 Dundas St.

What’s better than one Plant Matter? Three of course.

The Plant Matter establishments all offer completely plant-based menus at various styles and dining experiences, from the Beyond Meat burgers of the Kitchen, the cauliflower pot-au-feu of the Bistro, to the delicious vegan treats of the Café.

For the vegans out there looking for variation, Plant Matter really shows how much plants matter. Sorry for the bad pun, I’ll leave now.

Globally Local


252 Dundas St.

1141 Highbury Ave. (This location has a 24/hour drive thru, just thought you should know).

Vegan ChickUn burgers, bacun, breakfast sandwiches, whoopie pies. Now repeat that slower. Now repeat it without salivating.

Globally Local offers the best and most delicious vegan versions of your favourite comfort foods. The minute you take a bit of their amazing “Vopper” burger or Chickun Pretenders you’ll be saying “Mc-who?”

Zen Gardens


344 Dundas St.

If you’re looking for insanely good vegan Asian food, look no further! Zen Gardens offers all sorts of amazing plant-based dishes from bento boxes to crystal vermicelli rolls. They even have szechuan-style spiced tofu for all you niche vegan Rick and Morty fans out there.

Curley Brewing Company


1634 Hyde Park Rd.

What is, and forever will be vegan? Alcohol. If you’re like me and have found yourself only drinking at a restaurant because you can’t eat there, then Curley Brewing will solve that problem for you.

At Curley Brewing you can sample their excellent craft beers and eat amazing vegan food too. I can’t think of anything that sounds better than their smoky tempeh grilled cheese and a draft. Huzzah! Now you can actually remember your restaurant experiences!



120 Dundas St.

Look no further than Thaifoon for all your vegan Thai cravings – seriously it’s amazing and super cheap for the quantity and quality. Thaifoon offers a huge vegan selection on their menu, with many dishes – like the curry – made vegan, with coconut milk and the option of replacing meat with tofu.

My favourite – the $16 yellow curry with potato, onion, tofu, and coconut milk. Their delicious vegan options will have you saying “hi” to “Thai” all day! Again, sorry for the bad puns I really can’t help myself.

The Root Cellar


623 Dundas St.

Ever go on a date and order the salad and have that awkward blundering exchange where you swear it’s because it’s the only thing you can eat here and not because you’re trying to pretentiously impress them with your health consciousness?


The Root Cellar’s got your back on those date nights, as their organic menu comes with some tantalizing vegan options like the enchilada, tarte flambe, gnocchi, and chili-garlic soba noodles. You can also customize your experience with yummy plant-based add-ons like grilled tempeh, and cashew cheese. Now you can impress your date with cross-fit tips and kombucha brewing recipes instead!

Addis Ababa


466 Dundas St.

Addis Ababa’s Ethiopian-style sharable plates caters so well to vegan and vegetarian diets. Their vegan and vegetarian dishes come super affordably at $12.99, and are partnered with a house salad to compliment the dish.

Their Shuro Watt with seasoned chick peas in a mild sauce is so good that it may be gone before you have a chance to share.

The Boombox Bakeshop


520 Adelaide St.

If you’re looking for something sweet without the usual accompanying dairy or eggs in desserts, Boombox has you covered. Their completely vegan menu offers cupcakes, cakes, pop overs, and mini pies in the selected delicious flavours of the day. You can browse the flavours online like I did and fall into an internet spiral for hours dreaming of the flavours. Cinnamon. French. Toast.

Need I say more?

Black Trumpet


523 Richmond St.

For the indecisive vegan, the Black Trumpet is for you!

Their vegan menu hosts delicious and varied options for your dining experience, with dishes ranging from avocado tempura, and the Beyond Meat burger, to BBQ jackfruit tacos. And doesn’t the grapefruit miso vinaigrette they dress their quinoa, avocado, cashew, and tofu Buddha Bowls with sound like something you want to pour straight into your mouth?

No? Okay just me. I’ll be sitting at the back of the restaurant living my best life if you need me.

Zen’za Pizzeria


71 King St.

Zen’za Pizzeria has a huge selection of lactose free and vegan options of their classic flavours. So if you’ve been eyeing that great greek ‘za, no worries, it’s vegan counterpart with caramelized onion, black olives, vegan cheese, and nutritional yeast has your back. This way you can have your ‘za and eat it too.

That’s how the saying goes right?



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