London: The wait for a comedy festival is over!

If you’ve been wondering where this fall’s London Fuse Comedy Preview has been, I’m sorry I’ve been a bit preoccupied. For the last couple months, I’ve been co-organizing one of the biggest endeavors in London comedy history: London Laughs. Having been on the inside working on this undertaking since the late summer, I’m ready to let you behind the curtain and see some of the stuff you’ll see during the festival. 

It Begins With Us

When you start booking a comedy festival, a clear vision for that year’s edition is a must. So when I was tasked with booking the stand up portion for this year’s inaugural version of London Laughs, I realized that this festival had to begin with the comedians of London as its focal point.

For years, the Canadian comedy powers that be have criminally ignored this city’s talented base of comedians. The great thing about London as a comedy city is that it’s full of comedians trying to blaze their own path and not trying to adopt a cookie cutter persona just to get themselves ahead. 

We want to use this year’s festival as a launching pad to introduce to the various acts and comedy styles that you can find within London’s city limits.


One Chapter Closes, Another Chapter Begins

What promises to be one of the more memorable moments during this year’s offerings is “One Last Rip” on November 9th at the Wolf Performance Hall. This show will serve as a farewell performance for Jim Kelly and Kathleen Jackson. These two have been Shut The Front Door mainstays since the inception of the troupe. Get ready for improvised scenes, plenty of laughs, and just as many tears shed afterwards. Also, I’ve heard from my sources within the show to expect something from Jim’s new comedic entity Seriously JK during this night’s festivities. 

Coming Together

This festival also gives us a chance to bring all the comedy groups together for a unique event. On November 7th, the festival’s opening night at The Rec Room London, we’re proud to present “The Rule Of Three”. This show will feature some of the best talent that London stand up comedy has to offer, as well as showing off some of the best new improvisers that the Western Comedy Club and Shut The Front Door showcase on a monthly basis. This night promises to be something else, so get out and celebrate our new venture with us. 

An Eye To The Future

London Laughs isn’t just a celebration of London comedy’s present with exceptional comedians like Justin Gayle or Kaitlin Shuvera on the stand up side of things or improv comedians Kevin Elliott and Taylor Axford. This festival will also introduce you to talents that you’re going to see everywhere in the coming years. If you haven’t had a chance to make it out to Poacher’s Arms on a Monday night, you missed the development of new London comedy staples like Aaron Stephenson, Christos, Max Reaume, Sean Creighton, and Ivan Baltag.


If you haven’t made it out to the London Music Club for their monthly show, there’s a brand new batch of improvisers including Rebecca D’Sousza, Caitlin Villeneuve, Richard Martens, and Vivien King-Sherwood. Also not to be outdone, Western Comedy Club has been developing comedians for years. Recent grad Jodie Roach and current stalwart Callie Chang-Powless are among the comedians that you’ll be seeing on the show during the opening night. 


What Comes Next

We at London Laughs are working towards this becoming a yearly event. We want to foster a new sense of collaboration among the different comedic styles. London Laughs will become an example for other Canadian comedy scenes on what you can do when you work together. 


For more information and ticket details make sure to check out:

Facebook: LondonLaughsCa

Instagram: londonlaughsca



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