Please find a list of mental health and addiction services at the end of this article.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. The need for advocacy and services has never been higher, especially during these unprecedented times.

With so many uncertainties ahead, it’s difficult to keep positive and maintain a well-balanced headspace. During these trying times of isolation, it’s become much harder to find the resources and closeness that soothe our hearts and minds.

Luckily, London has a messenger to herald the good word of mental health awareness. Championing the cause is none other than Tyler Stewart, also known as Stewie in the hip hop community. He’s a long-standing advocate of mental well-being and an all-around great guy with a big heart to match!

Music for Mental Health

“Mental health awareness means everything to me,” Stewie said. “It’s my lifetime goal to spread awareness so that people take mental health more seriously in the future.”

Since moving to London roughly ten years ago, Stewie has been working selflessly to promote the Canadian Mental Health Association, their mission and their means of support to the community. While not directly involved with the organization, he received recognition for his independent means of promotion, which won him the Champion For Mental Health Community Advocate Award earlier this year.

Tyler Stewart shows his T-shirt which reads "Not All Wounds Are Visible." He is surrounding by other pieces of text promoting mental health.Furthering his personal mission of mental health and wellness advocacy, Stewie hosts the Musicians for Mental Health Hip Hop Event — an embraced component to the annual Forest City London Music Awards celebrations taking place each year. This segment offers performances of local hip hop artists, as well as speakers from mental health support groups. This year’s event will take place June 8th, at 9pm online.

Challenging Times

During these unprecedented times, the local rapper and advocate has taken to painting, writing music, and focusing on his children’s growth and development to offset the strain. Not to mention his ceaseless efforts promoting the cause which he so adamantly supports.

Hip hop artist Tyler Stewart is holding a paintbrush in his mouth and looking at the camera while he holds a painting he is working on.“Stay positive. I know that’s something you hear a lot, but honestly, it’ll help,” Stewie said towards those who may be struggling. “Don’t fall apart by letting it get to your head. The best thing we can do is come closer together and become stronger.”


Not only has mental health been a towering concern, but addiction has been tantamount among the struggles society has been facing. Broadening his humanitarian approach, Stewart has also done work to advocate for addiction recovery.

To cap it off, Tyler leaves us with some uplifting words for those going through hard times:

“Always be yourself and never fall into believing the negativity of others. Don’t let others tell you who you are or what you can or can’t do. This is your life – now live it.”

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If you or someone you know is experiencing struggles with mental health or addiction, please feel free to contact the organizations below:

Canadian Mental Health Association (519) 668-0624 (London Branch)

Mind Your Mind (226) 884-9059 (London Branch)

Mental Health Self-Care Association (226) 234-7956 (London Branch)

Center For Addiction And Mental Health (800) 463-2338 (Toll-Free)


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