Many listicles try and fail to make you laugh. My listicle tells you where to laugh.

As with every year, when the leaves fall to the ground, the London comedy community springs anew with hilarity abounding everywhere you see. Building off a successful 2016-2017 campaign, London’s finest comedians are bringing some new things to the table this autumn.

When putting this guide together, we decided to narrow down the number of shows and rank them on the basis of our excitement for them. In homage to the great David Letterman, without further ado here are the top 10 comedic things to look forward to this fall.

10 – The Western Improv Summit

    November 18th, Western Campus

The Western Comedy Club invites some of the best improvisers from Ontario’s fine post secondary institutions to meet them on the improv battlefield. At the end of the night, one school will reign supreme.

Photo Courtesy of: Western Comedy Club

9 – The Funny Comedy Show: Anthony Mlekuz

     October 2nd, Poachers Arms

If your sense of humour tends to skew a little weirder than most, may I suggest you make your way down to the Poachers Arms to catch one of Canada’s most offbeat comedic minds. – Open Doors Improv Camp

8 – Open Doors Improv Camp

     October 28th & 29th

The connection between Shut The Front Door & The Stevenson Children’s Camp runs quite deep. It runs so deep in fact, this year they decided to run their first improv retreat earlier this summer. It was such a roaring success they decided to offer a fall weekend as well. This camp is open to everybody whether you’re an improv expert or somebody looking to get their feet wet in the art form.

  1. Off The Hinges Improv Presents “Freshly Brewed Comedy”

     October 26th, London Music Club

Now firmly entrenched in their second year as an improv troupe, Off The Hinges has decided to take a coffee break & share their comedic treats with the audience.

  1.  Write It Down, Margaret!

    October 26th, London Music Club

If you choose to stay after “Freshly Brewed Comedy”, you’ll get a chance to see the debut of London’s newest sketch troupe: “Write It Down, Margaret!”. We here at LondonFuse are very proud of this new comedic endeavour. It’s the brainchild of our very own LondonFuse Contributor, ShortFuse Cartoonist, and all around awesome person Sammy Roach.

Meet the Members of Write It Down, Margaret! (L to R: Wyatt Anderson, Sammy Roach, Thomas Valade, Callie Chang-Powless, Jodie Roach, and Gunner Gunn)
Photos by: Sam Wyss & Mark Heeney
  1. Ron Josol

   October 20th-October 21st, Yuk Yuk’s

One of Canada’s most recognizable comedians comes to the Forest City. It’ll be a weekend that is sure to make you laugh whether you’re a millennial or you’re just getting up there in age.

  1.  Murder Mystery Comedy

    October 13th, London Music Club

This Shut The Front Door Improv show has everything a good horror movie has with a cast that’s ready to kill, a mystery running through out, and a bunch of audience members yelling stuff at the performers in front of them.

  1.  Western Comedy Club Returns To The Ceeps

    November 24th, The Ceeps

Intimate isn’t a word  that’s usually associated with The Ceeps but in the case of stand up comedy, it feels like home. In the late 2000’s to early 2010’s, The Ceeps was one of the places to be when it came to stand up comedy in this city.  Earlier this spring, the Western Comedy Club decided to run their spring stand up show at the Ceeps for the first time in years. Off the successful first try, the Western Comedy Club has decided to return to Ceeps as a chance to stretch their wings creatively and the chance to run a monthly show.

Photo Credit: Gunner Gunn Photo Courtesy of: Western Comedy Club 

  2 – Pete Johansson w/ Kyle Hickey & Dave Atkinson

 October 28th & October 29th at Yuk Yuk’s London

Hot off hilarious performances at both Just For Laughs & JFL 42, as well as his Netflix special You Might Also Enjoy Pete Johannson. Pete Johansson comes to Yuk Yuk’s London for two nights of balls to the walls hilarity.

  1. Deanne Smith w/ Courtney Gilmour & Craig Fay

    November 15th, The Outback Shack at Fanshawe

If reputations are anything to go on, this is one hell of a show. The headliner is Deanne Smith, who’s done every festival this country has to offer as well as many others worldwide. Also on this show is Courtney Gilmour, whose coming out hot after winning JFL Homegrown this year. For the MC: Craig Fay this show sort of marks a homecoming for him as he’s from nearby Chatham.


Feature Photo Credit: Blue November Photography Feature Photo Courtesy Of: Shut The Front Door Improv 

Pat Tiffin is a Local Stand-Up Comedian as well as a LondonFuse Contributor.


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