LEDC_London-Inc_Fuse-Views (1)There’s a brand new way to improve your special event experience…

Have you ever been out to a concert or sports game enjoying yourself, and then notice empty seats at a much better vantage point than your current view? We all have, and it’s frustrating. What’s more frustrating is when those seats remain empty for the duration of said event.

Well, that’s where Brennon D’Souza, the founder of Dibbzz comes in. D’Souza, who comes from a corporate tech background in Waterloo, has moved his practice to London and is looking to bring a technology to the marketplace that has never been seen before. I had the pleasure of speaking with the founder to find out more about what this new business looks like, and I have to say, I was pretty amazed.  

So, what exactly is it?

In short, Dibbzz is a way to snag (or call Dibbzz on… get it) better seats at whichever big-venue event you may be attending, in under one minute.

As someone who doesn’t consider themselves the most technologically inclined, I was not only unsure of but very intrigued to learn how this works. I’m able to obtain new, better seats, within a minute’s time, simply through text? Let’s see how this goes…  

It all starts by texting your seat numbers to the allocated phone number for the venue. From there, you’ll immediately receive a seating chart which then illustrates if there are better seats, and if so where, along with additional payments required to secure them.

From there, you reply with your option choice “A,B, or C” which show you the array of available options from least expensive to most. Once you’ve chosen, and simply text the letter option back, you’re prompted to complete your payment info and voila! Your seats have been upgraded almost instantaneously.

This is what calling Dibbzz looks like in 2018, people.

So, where did the idea for Dibbzz come from?

D’Souza had been working on a technology to allow people to to stream to their smartphones instantly during concerts or special events so that those in the nosebleeds could share a front row view. But, then he thought to himself “why am I trying to get people to the front virtually, when I can get people there physically.” Here’s where this venture began.

Today, D’Souza has already completed a pilot project with Centre in the Square in Kitchener, has secured partnerships with IBM and Interac, and now wants to call Dibbzz on even bigger venue partnerships in the coming months.

However, creating a technology and approach that challenges 30+ years of ticket sales and venue practices comes with its struggles as well. He told me that one of the most difficult things has been proving to venue managers that this is a positive, progressive approach to sales, but even more importantly, to the patrons’ event experience.

So, from venue manager, to application user experience, to the actual lived experience of attendees, D’Souza is thinking about what’s best for everyone and how it can be made as simple as possible to get to those golden (but vacant) seats.

Moving forward, what can we expect?

By the end of my conversation with D’Souza, it became very clear that he’s onto something big and that the public should be very excited. And on top of that, London specifically should be very excited.

The pilot project was conducted in Kitchener, yes, but D’Souza and his team are currently working out of London and are looking to expand the business here and get some of the big venue key players on board now.

In terms of the timeline, he said they’re “in the building stages now, starting with 1000-2000 seat performance venues involved.” But, in the coming months, he’s looking to have secured 10,000-15,000 seat locations as partners to help realize his ultimate dream for Dibbzz.

When can you finally call your Dibbzz?

As it stands, the project will be fully rolled out within 4-5 months and I for one cannot wait to see what this does for community events and for the local tech sector. As many would say, London has become a centre for technological innovation and this venture helps to confirm that.

So, the next time you’re at a concert, sports game or special event, have a look around at the seats you could be enjoying. This is exactly the niche problem Dibbzz is looking to solve and by the end of 2018, I certainly think they will have done so.

For further updates on progress and information, check them out online, on Facebook, or Instagram.  

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Feature photo by veeterzy on Unsplash


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