“You’re stronger than you think.”

“Keep your heart and dedication intact. Your heart will continue to steer you right. Giving up doesn’t solve things. It just means you would have to face tough situations and they would never get better. By trying, it sets a good example, may help others, and something good will come out of it. Cliche way… The only failure is not to try.” – Scott Moss

CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID).

Scott Moss is a 51-year-old man who has fibromyalgia and is facing the onset of dementia, among other afflictions. He has also been dealing with frontal lobe syndrome since the age of 6. Despite these barriers, Scott never lets anything get in the way of his dream to inspire and encourage others to live every day to the fullest.

Two men wearing sunglasses are standing side by side, looking into the camera.
Ryan Labrèche and Scott Moss. Photo by Ryan Labrèche.

I know this because Scott Moss played an immense role in helping me understand my potential and see beyond my own perceived limitations. He saw in me what no one else has, or at least bothered to share. You see, Scott has a gift — a knack, as it were — to reach inside people with his words and make them see the better person they thought they weren’t capable of being.

He’s Just Sayin’

“You just need to be reminded how good you really are,” he reassured me.

In 2019, Scott self-published a book called I’m Just Sayin’, through Friesen Press. It’s a lighthearted compendium of passages, poems, and illustrations of his doing. These creations speak volumes to Scott’s perceptions of the world and his unwavering belief that we can truly make this world a better place through love, courage, and compassion.

A middle aged man sits at a table, holding a book and smiling.
Scott Moss with his book, I’m Just Sayin’. Photo by Ryan Labrèche.

What Scott is telling us with I’m Just Sayin’, is that we’re able to overcome our personal obstacles and fulfil our dreams if we persist. Even beyond that, it’s a testament to how we can support and inspire one another to do great things.

Words to Live By

With Scott’s symptoms taking their toll, the London family man has enrolled in the MAID Program (Medical Assistance In Dying), with his “day of peace” set for November 12, 2021.

Scott has always been a fighter and one to overcome his circumstances. However, with a degenerative illness and no possibility of recovery, he has made the tremendously difficult choice to end his own life on his terms. As this is a highly sensitive topic, he kindly asks for people to respect his decision.

“People are not allowed to feel sorry for me. That is not what they need these days,” asserts Scott. “With everything going on, they need to know it’s worth fighting to make our community better, one individual at a time.”

A man holds up a T-shirt that reads, "Don't Fear Our Differences, Embrace Them". "
Scott with a T-shirt of his design. Photo by Ryan Labrèche.

Scott’s not searching for sympathy or attention. His wish is to simply leave an empowering legacy behind for those who need a boost. Or, as he puts it, “A kick in the ass!”

Scott has never let his differing abilities or limitations define him, which is a pitfall many of us know well. In the short time I’ve known him, he’s changed my outlook for the better and challenged me to overcome my struggles and limitations. “Don’t doubt how good you are” — those words will continue to ring in my ear as a soft reminder, or be my “kick in the ass” — as he would put it.

A Legacy of Warmth

In Scott’s honour, a Facebook page was created to help share inspiring, motivating and uplifting content to those who need it. It is called Scott’s Page Of Positivity. Should you wish to help Scott’s legacy carry on, need a good dose of uplifting material or know someone who could use the nudge, I recommend you take a look.

As well, if you wish to purchase a copy of Scott Moss’s book, I’m Just Sayin’, you can do so through Amazon.ca and Friesen Press. The book makes for a thoughtful gift, and the proceeds will help Scott’s family meet their living costs.

When I asked Scott recently, “What would you say to someone who’s having a hard time believing in themselves”, he shared this:

“You’re stronger than you think. By facing what you think is holding you back, you take the first step to overcoming whatever challenges you face. Start each day with the mantra: “I believe in me! I believe in myself and the talents I have!” The more you repeat it, you will begin to believe in yourself. As you believe in yourself, others will believe in you.”


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