Local Folk at Aeolian Hall turns five!

In less than two years, The Aeolian’s Local Folk series has become one of London’s premiere showcases focused on local music. The Aeolian is a world-class venue unlike any other in London. Despite its modest 300 person capacity, the hall is been able to attract world-renowned artists from all over the globe.

That being said, the Local Folk, starting back in June 2016, was initially a large departure from shows typically staged at Aeolian. However, from show one, the community embraced this series and it immediately confirmed Londoners’ undying love—and desire—for locally grown music.

It’s hard to believe that we’re approaching Local Folk V already and the momentum is only growing.It really has become a “who’s who” of emerging London talent and we’ve seen so much come from these musicians since. So, in that spirit, we thought it’d be nice to reflect back on the four past Local Folk lineups in preparation for the fifth!

LOCAL FOLK I – Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies, Aaron Allen, and Ivan Rivers

From the outset, the series was sure to be a hit with London audiences given this fantastic local lineup. Check out the videos below for a taste of how it all began.

Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies, “Gatsby”

Aaron Allen and the Small City Saints, “Slow”


Ivan Rivers, “Confidante ft. David Liebe Hart”

Oh what an inaugural night it was!

LOCAL FOLK 2 – Taylor Holden & The Law of Averages, Kevin Greene & The Awesome Sauce

Almost one year ago exactly, the Forest City saw Local Folk the second, and this lineup did not disappoint!

Taylor Holden & The Law of Averages, “You & Me”

Kevin Greene & The Awesome Sauce, “The Deuce”

And then just one year after the very first in the series we saw…

LOCAL FOLK 3 – Mountain of Wolves, Fraser Teeple, Charlie Weber (formerly Major/Minor)

It was a night filled with serious folk back in June of 2017. People danced, people sang, and every single one had a whale of a time.

Mountain of Wolves, “Don’t Call My Name”

Fraser Teeple, “Hired Saw”

Charlie Weber, “This Is Canada”

If we had to pick a favourite so far, we simply wouldn’t be able to!

LOCAL FOLK 4 – Deni Gauthier, Yess Woah, The Pairs (formerly  A Pairs Three)

In this Local Folk installment, the “local” radius grew a little bit, welcoming St. Thomas musician Deni Gauthier while showcasing local fave Yess Woah and up and comers, The Pairs.

Deni Gauthier, “I Need You”

Yess Woah, “Palms”

The Pairs, “Listen”

But we’re not done yet!

LOCAL FOLK 5 – Marty Kolls, Arlene Paculan, Pat Maloney

Alright, London, here comes number five, and just as we’ve seen before, the stage will be graced with some of the most established and promising acts in local folk music.

Marty Kolls, “Fall”

Arlene Paculan, “Right Behind You”

Pat Maloney, “Blood on the Mat”

Are you excited? We sure are! Don’t miss the fifth in this fantastic series meant to build our community through music.

We hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane as well as preview of coming attractions! Local Folk V comes at you January 19, 2018 so do not miss out. Tickets can be purchased online right here or in person at the Aeolian Hall Box office at 795 Dundas Street.

See you there, London!

Feature photo via MartyKolls.com


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