When we say little, we mean big.

For many of us, the past four weeks have brought many things from job loss, to isolation anxiety, to worn-out sweatpants. Despite the amount of significantly distressing and heartbreaking situations the spread of COVID-19 has caused, there are a myriad of lessons we’ve learned and can take forward on the other side, when we get there.

One of these important lessons: learning not to take things for granted no matter how simple and every day they may seem. Whether it’s getting together with loved ones, leaving the office for the weekend, or simply going to the grocery stores sans socially distanced lines, these everyday things have seemed days, weeks, and worlds away. Once seemingly simple, small pleasures and privileges, the thought of eventually enacting them again are now the beacons of hope keeping us all going.

As we’ve been told in recent days by health officials, now is not the time to ease up on social distancing measures so we can effectively flatten the curve as quickly as possible.

So, in the meantime, let’s reminisce while looking ahead to positive and healthy times with an array of little things to look forward to in London, in a very big way.

Picnics (…or simply sitting) in Victoria Park.

In these days of essential outside trips, we long for the time when we could spend leisurely hours in one of London’s many beautiful parks. Victoria Park, a highly populated and inviting place may top your list and, as the weather gets warmer, thoughts of Vic picnic tables, mature trees, and summer events are definitely at the front of mind.

In all it’s glory. Photo via Facebook / @Friends of Victoria, London Ontario

Soon enough!

Weekly events that make you smile!

Every week in London, there are a slew of recurring events that people loyally and enthusiastically attend. Perhaps your go-to is Friday Night Live at London Brewing, or Rock and Roll Bingo on Tuesdays at Winks (although you can play online right now!), or a particular weekly networking gathering.

We cannot wait to get our weekly dose of Friday Night Live when this thing is over! Here we have Pacanomad at FNL in 2018, photo by Laing Studios via Facebook?@LondonBrewing

No matter what it is, know that it will be back, eventually, and you’ll likely appreciate the outing even more!

Weekend strolls down London’s commercial streets

Whether it’s your favourite local shop or an incredible restaurant, we all have our favourites, and we miss them dearly. Although the exact time of re-entry is unclear right now, the time will come and it will be glorious.

Downtown London ON
Ahh weekend shopping trips along Dundas, we’re getting there! Photo via Facebook / @DowntownLondon

In the meantime, check out current offerings from your favourite businesses and restaurants right here and take a digital stroll down London’s streets, until it’s safe to do so IRL.

Supporting live music, of all sorts!

From the most intimate of house shows to the biggest of tickets at Budweiser Gardens, one thing’s for sure, we cannot wait to get back out to support live music. Among the faves, we have places like Call the Office, Rum Runners, Aeolian Hall, Eastside Bar & Grill, and oh so many more.

Live music, how we miss thee. Photo by Tim Limsana

Whether it’s a local gem, Canadian favourite, or an international outfit, rest assured, when able, the live music scene will live on!

Supporting the local economy – in a variety of ways.

Yes, where we can we’ve been ordering delivery, shopping online, and keeping our economy moving in whatever way we can.

Westmount Mall Rima Sater LondonFuse
Westmount Mall. Here we come… when we can. Photo by Rima Sater

This can take many forms, from support your favourite local artisan maker to visiting your neighbourhood mall, no matter which way you go about it, the thrill of contributing in person once able, is certainly something to look forward to!

So, what are you looking most forward to?

Is it theatre, comedy, or recreation centres? Is it visiting breweries or bakeries? Is it seeing your favourite shop owner in person or visiting family and friends in an intimate setting? There are simply so many things to look forward to so let us know what’s keeping you going in the comments!

Feature photo via Facebook / @DowntownLondon


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