London alt-rock trio Legal Kill have had their hands full recently with a lineup change, the release of their newest EP, Volume 2, and a Jack Richardson London Music Awards nomination.

The band consists of Charles Ondrovcik (guitar, vocals), Tyler Woods (drums), and more recent addition Craig Gignac (bass, vocals) who joined the band during pre-production of Volume 2. Their March 9 EP release show was another notch in a series of successful gigs for the band.

Their debut show for the current incarnation of the group was back in December 2017 at Call the Office opening for The Dirty Nil, and it couldn’t have been a better bang to start off with. They’re all huge fans of the Nil, and the show was a full house. But playing alongside their influences in front of a wall-to-wall crowd didn’t get to their nerves; the band was more excited than anything.

“There’s always that two seconds right before you go on that you’re like ‘holy shit’,” Gignac explained. “But as soon as you get up there it’s really cool.”

Alternative rockers Legal Kill. On guitar and vocals is Charles Ondrovcik. On bass and vocals is Craig Gignac, while Tyler Woods plays the drums. Photo by Ed Phin.
Alternative rockers Legal Kill. On guitar and vocals is Charles Ondrovcik. On bass and vocals is Craig Gignac, while Tyler Woods plays the drums. Photo by Ed Phin.

Flash forward to the release show. The EP, which is available online via bandcamp, is the culmination of three and a half months of determination and hard work. They didn’t rush; the band took their time to get the exact sound they wanted.

Raw and untouched

“There were a lot of challenges we had to overcome, especially with the fact that we did zero vocal pitch editing,” Gignac said. “So every vocal take that you heard in there was completely raw and unedited.”

The vocals weren’t the only time consuming effort that band put into Volume 2 – no drum samples, plus tone chasing all contributed to long days of recording. Some days 16 hours were spent in the studio.

“We spent six hours getting tones alone for guitars.” Ondrovcik recalled.

Perseverance ultimately paid off for the trio, as they earned themselves a nomination in the Rock category of the 2018 Jack Richardson London Music Awards. While it’s the first JRLMA nomination for the band since Gignac joined, Legal Kill previously won the Youth Award in 2017.

To top things off, their single “Confined” even received airplay on FM96.

Big plans

While the band may be experiencing success in the Forest City, what does the future hold? They would like to expand and tour across Ontario within the year, then nationwide.

Releasing a 7” record is one of their next goals, as well as limited edition runs of Volume 2. Grand tour ambitions aside, the band still prefers to play at smaller venues.

“It’s more of an intimate experience with the crowd,” stated Ondrovcik. “Even if there is 18 people watching your show.”

“I wish that we could play high schools like they did back in the day,” Gignac added. “If we could do a high school tour, I’d be super stoked.”

Changing their sound isn’t out of the question either. With influences from classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin to 90’s bands such as Stone Temple Pilots, the band isn’t opposed to trying something with more of a pop edge

“I would love, love, love to play in a straight up pop-punk band.” Ondrovcik said.

Onward and upward

Volume 2 is already a departure from the previous release. With Gignac joining Ondrovcik on vocals, the harmonies are a welcome addition according to the fan response the band has gotten.

With a successful EP release, radio airplay and a JRLMA nomination to add to their list of accomplishments, Legal Kill has no intentions on slowing down. Volume 2 could just be the kickstarter to bigger and better things.

“It set things up really nicely for going forward,” Gignac said. “We’ve got a couple other bigger shows in London coming up, and I’m hoping that it only gets louder and crazier.”

Their next London show is on April 9 at Rum Runners.


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